How REVLAR Waterproof Paper Helped McDonald Garden Center Grow

How McDonald Garden Centers in Virginia uses REVLAR waterproof paper to make durable, waterproof signage for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

McDonald Garden Center uses REVLAR Signage

McDonald Garden Center operates three year-round garden centers in Virginia Beach, Hampton and Chesapeake, Virginia. Additionally, they have 12 seasonal garden markets across eastern Virginia, which provide quality plants and garden accessories from March through mid-July.

With such a wide variety of plants and plant material available, McDonald has serious signage needs. But the conditions of a garden center are not exactly conducive to traditional paper. Enter REVLAR waterproof paper.

How McDonald Garden Center Uses REVLAR Waterproof Paper

McDonald Garden Center relies on hundreds of signs to give its customer details about each product or to promote special offers or events.

“We need signage for all our locations, and these signs are exposed to the elements, both inside and outside our facilities, where they can be damaged by wind, rain or watering, as well as from sitting within the plant material itself. In the past, we were able to produce the signs we needed using just card stock and lamination, but as we opened more and more locations and had more facilities requiring signage, we found that our approach was becoming time consuming and costly.”
– Sherry Connell, promotions coordinator

Since REVLAR is waterproof, tear-proof and durable, it’s perfect for both the indoor and outdoor garden centers. McDonald needs a specific size for most of its signage, so Relyco offers a special template and then cuts the paper to size.

McDonald also relies on the standard sizes of REVLAR to print posters and other promotional signs for its special events, such as festivals, workshops and fundraisers; the company raised more than $20,000 for local charities last year alone.

“In the more than four years that we’ve been working with Relyco and using REVLAR, we’ve never been disappointed,” Connell said. “The product is excellent and ideally suited to our environment, and we have a great relationship with the company. Relyco’s service is unmatched and we absolutely trust that Relyco will do a good job for us.”

Get in touch with a Relyco representative today to find out what REVLAR waterproof paper can do for you.

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