REVLAR Waterproof Paper

Ace Hardware Saves Time and Money Printing Waterproof Signs on REVLAR

Ace Hardware Saves Time and Money Printing Waterproof Signs on REVLAR

With eight stores across Lake County, Ill., the Laskowski family’s Ace Hardware franchise group is touted as one of the premier family businesses in the region. The group’s 84,000-square-foot Ace Hardware Home Center and seven smaller retail stores serve thousands of customers annually.

The Customer Challenge: Waterproof Signs

With expansive outdoor space at each store—particularly at the Home Center—displaying trees, shrubs, plants, patio block, potting soil, mulch and other items customers need for seasonal outdoor projects, the Laskowski Ace Hardware group needed weatherproof signage to help customers identify each item and its price.

“We focus on providing excellent customer service and always want to be sure that our customers have a positive shopping experience,” explains Chris Hoehne, advertising manager for the Laskowski Ace Hardware group. “Clear signage is important, and in our outdoor nursery and garden supply areas, signs must be durable and impervious to wind and rain.”

Before transitioning to “outdoor” paper several years ago, Hoehne spent time replacing signs almost daily as they ripped, blew away or were damaged by rain. While the first type of waterproof paper the hardware stores used met their requirements, the cost became prohibitive, and Hoehne began to research alternatives.

“My criteria were simple,” Hoehne says. “I wanted a waterproof paper that would hold up to abuse and was affordable. Like virtually any business operating today, we keep a close eye on our expenses and take advantage of any opportunity we can find to save.”

The RELYCO Solution: REVLAR Waterproof Paper

Hoehne’s internet search led her to RELYCO.

“RELYCO’s website was easy to navigate, so I found REVLAR and the information I needed right away,” Hoehne notes, “and the company’s customer service was excellent. They answered my questions, addressed my concerns about the cost, and gave me a price that was right where it needed to be. They even provided samples of REVLAR so I could test it to make sure it would operate well with our store printers.”

The Laskowski Ace Hardware group is now in their second season using REVLAR and working with RELYCO, and Hoehne continues to see the benefits.

“We have outdoor signage that is long-lasting, durable and cost-effective to produce,” she concludes. “Most importantly, our customers can easily get the information they need.”

View the complete customer story here.


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