To Coat or Not to Coat: Which is Best for Waterproof Menus?

Should you, or should you not UV coat your waterproof menus to keep them looking shiny and new?

Waterproof Menus

So you ordered these beautiful new waterproof menus, but they’re sticking together. The toner is scratching, peeling and flaking off. You’re worried that with the toner cracked, spills will stain the surface the menus. 

Why is this happening, and more importantly, what can you do to stop it?

Part of the problem can be attributed to the handling and cleaning of the uncoated menus. The process of stacking menus, particularly those that are not properly cleaned between uses, can cause them to stick together, pulling off the toner when they are separated. But the uncoated surface itself is also to blame.

So what does it mean to have “coated” menus?

One of the best ways to ensure that your menus will be scratch and stain free is to UV coat them, giving them that extra protection which will allow them to look as fresh and bright as when they were first printed. This is true for menus designed for indoor or outdoor use, single or continuous use. By UV coating you protect the surface of the menu.

How do you UV coat your menus?

Most organizations do not have the ability to UV coat. If you don’t have the proper equipment, check with local printers. They will be able to do the coating at a reasonable price. Many will actually do the printing and coating and return a finished product to you. By UV coating, you will be protecting the toner and eliminating most of the problem.

When would you not UV coat?

Some restaurants that print short term or special event menus print only as needed, and feel it is unnecessary to coat them. A single-use item really doesn’t need a special coating since it will be tossed after the event.

However, if the menus are to be used over and over again, then UV coating is strongly recommended, even for short runs printed on demand. While Relyco’s REVLAR, a durable waterproof and tear resistant substrate, can stand up to all kinds of use (and abuse), improper cleaning or scrubbing with harsh chemicals will take a toll on the toner.

In short, the REVLAR will survive, but the uncoated surface will not.

The best solution is to keep the product fresh and appealing by UV coating—cutting down on the need to constantly reprint menus and avoiding the sticky feeling an improperly cleaned menu can have.

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