REVLAR Waterproof Paper

Vibrant Colored Waterproof Paper is Here!

Vibrant Colored Waterproof Paper is Here!

There is a whole new look available in waterproof, tear resistant paper products. Color has made a grand appearance with vibrant colors joining the ranks of the white and light pastel colors to make your message stand out from the competition.

Uses for Vibrant Colored Waterproof Paper

Are you looking to catch a customer’s eye with bright red or blue tags? What about orange or green signage or yellow or tan runner’s bibs? Does your client’s outdoor display yard need color coded labels to identify different types of products?

What about doing a seasonal promotion on bright colored durable stock? Then there’s always green for St. Patrick’s Day or red for Christmas, orange for Halloween, blue for the 4th of July.

One of the best things about REVLAR Colors is that, like their pastel and white counterparts, they can be purchased in very small amounts—no huge orders needed. These new colors are items to play around with, to have fun with, to engage your customers or your end users with.

Why Try REVLAR Colors?

Whether you are an in-house shop or a commercial print shop, you have much the same goals: to find a reliable vendor who can deliver your products on time, in the quantities needed and at a fair price.

As an in-plant printing facility, you have to meet the needs of your internal customers delivering completed jobs on time and done right. By doing so, you justify the investment made in the in-house operation and negate the consideration to move to outsourcing print jobs.

By presenting new applications for your internal customers’ needs, and having the products on hand to produce those items, you make a strong statement about the value of an in-house operation.

As a print shop, you can augment your existing business with new, fresh products available in both large and small quantities. Not only will you be giving existing customers new products to try, but you will also be piquing the interest potential customers when they see the items you have to offer.

And it is invaluable for all printers—in-house and commercial—to be able to count on a reliable vendor who will deliver the quantities you need, on time and at a fair price.

So play with the colors. Work with your artist to come up with ideas for unique uses, and get out and present them to your customers. You’ll be surprised how a little fun can go a long way towards making your presentation memorable.



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