Specialty Paper and the Environment: An Earth Day Celebration

We all have a responsibility to this planet Earth, and making responsible specialty paper purchases is part of that. Look for products with FSC certifications, like Relyco’s TriDura and REIMAGE.


Earth Day is here, and what better way to celebrate than to take a good look at what we do and how we do it when it comes to protecting good ol’ Mother Earth? After all, it is the only Earth we know, and despite watching the space station sail by in the night sky for the last couple of weeks, and hearing about what might be available on other planets to sustain life as we know it, this is what we have now—Earth in all of its fascinating glory!

Specialty Paper and Planet Earth

So as printers, what is your contribution to this planet Earth?

First of all, take a good look at the specialty paper that you use on a daily basis. How eco-friendly are they? When your customers ask if your products are “green” what can you tell them about your process?

Of course, the substrates you choose must provide a high level of print quality, be compatible with inks and toners and meet production reliability and customer usage standards. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be environmentally friendly. There are incredible products available that you can introduce to your customers that will not contribute to continuing contamination by dangerous ingredients. Look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified substrates that can be counted on to not harm the environment when recycled.

So where do you turn to ensure that you produce the best product possible, at an affordable price and on time?

Wherever possible, Relyco specialty paper substrates are certified environmentally friendly, and most have earned the prestigious Sustainable Forest Initiative Chain-of-Custody forest certification, ensuring that each sheet of Relyco paper you receive is responsibly produced. We work with manufacturers to use the most energy-efficient processes, with decreased VOCs and reduced solvent usage in wash-ups—giving you and your customers peace of mind that Relyco solutions are “green to go.”

Environmentally Friendly Print Solutions

Let’s say you print for the local state parks. Check out an FSC-certified, tear-resistant product like TriDura, with a synthetic core, to create trail maps, signage, and descriptions of points of interest along the route. Remember, some products will be taken home as souvenirs while others will be tossed at the end of the day. Either way, they won’t pose a danger to the environment, and that is a major component of being “green.”

Then there are marathons and races, day trips, and other special outdoor activities that usually require multiple copies of carbonless forms. By using laser-compatible, FSC-certified REIMAGE, you can print as many copies as needed, with an image that goes through all sheets and still captures that signature clearly.

So remember, it is up to all of us to protect our Earth: one person, one company, one product at a time!