Three Strategies to Boost Printer Sales

Your prospects are hunting for new ways to maximize their client offerings. Here’s how you can capitalize on that need to increase printer sales.

Boost Printer Sales

Your prospects are just beginning to hunt for new ways to maximize their offerings to customers, and this puts you in a position to show them just what they can achieve.

So how do you present yourself and your product in a way that will help you increase equipment sales?

Partner with Relyco to Boost Your Printer Sales

By providing tools to help drive sales success, Relyco is currently partnered with printer sales representatives from all over the U.S. and Canada. From hosting educational webinars for regional sales teams to supplying customized sample kits for sales appointments or providing support at trade shows, Relyco is here to help boost your printer sales.

With a personalized substrate kit complete with your logo, and printed and blank samples of specialty paper, you’ll be perfectly prepared to try these three strategies at your next sales appointment:

Explain Full Print Solution Capabilities

Yes, your goal is to sell those printers, but by providing products and applications to showcase the printer’s fine points, like durable signage with vibrant colored waterproof paper, environmentally friendly multipart forms with carbonless laser paper, pressure seal forms, you are framing your offer as more than just a printer.

Serve as a Print Partner

As a print partner, you have the opportunity to serve as a guide through the maze of new products available, opening their eyes to the possibilities those new products can offer them. For your prospect, the question of duty cycle or how many pages per minute a printer can achieve becomes secondary to how they can use it for actual applications.

By suggesting new print products to explore, you are positioning yourself as a partner; one who is knowledgeable and who has the necessary contacts to be their source of new specialty paper products that will work well for them.

Demonstrate ROI with Print Applications Your Customers Will Love

Not only can you show them new products they can use, but you can demonstrate how custom solutions are possible, and how the ROI of the printer is based on selling its applications. By bringing awareness of the printers’ capabilities to the forefront, you can demonstrate real world applications that your customers can, in turn, offer their customers.