Stand Out Products at PRINT18 & Looking Ahead

We had an excellent time at PRINT18 this year! In addition to our standard products, we showcased our recently expanded line of REVLAR waterproof synthetic papers and our new Ultrasilver metallic paper! Now, we’re looking ahead to what’s next.

Our Relyco PRINT team

We had an excellent time at PRINT18 this year! Our team was delighted to meet with print shops, printers and OEMs to chat about their pain points and the goals they’d like to achieve. Oftentimes, we found that their mission aligned with our own! What do we bring to the table? Through our media and resources, we help our customers expand print offerings and reach new markets with new solutions.

Most buzzed about products

At the show, we showcased our recently expanded line of synthetic papers and received great feedback about our new REVLAR products. Folks were particularly interested in REVLAR Soft for a variety of applications; its uniquely smooth feel and how easy it is to fold make REVLAR Soft ideal for menus, trail maps, guides and brochures.

We also introduced another new product at PRINT18: Ultrasilver. Ultrasilver is a metallic, eye-catching paper that works well with white & color toners. There was a lot of excitement at the show for that product and the possibilities it opens up for invitations, signage, tickets and more!

What’s next for us?

The PRINT show often serves as a tool for us to gauge where the market is heading and gets us planning for the future. Over the next several months, we’ll be focusing our attention on better serving a few key industries. Part of that effort will involve updating our website to improve the user experience overall. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know here. We would love to hear from you!