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Atlantic Grill Loves the Look, Feel and Ease of Waterproof Menus

Atlantic Grill Loves the Look, Feel and Ease of Waterproof Menus

Atlantic Grill is situated in the coastal community of Rye, New Hampshire. They’ve been in business for three years and they specialize in fresh seafood and traditional fare with a creative twist. The restaurant is located just minutes from Rye’s beautiful sandy beaches.

They are open year-round, but because they are located in a seasonal community, they receive an influx of customers during the summer months. Their hours expand and they begin to offer both lunch and dinner 7 days per week. As the number of patrons increases, the need for durable menus becomes even more critical.

For Atlantic Grill, their interest in waterproof menus originated for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Becky Donovan, Atlantic Grill’s General Manager, explains:

“We didn’t like the look of paper menus in plastic sleeves. That’s what we had when we first opened. We wanted something that was just a little more different. We needed something durable, that didn’t need additional protection. We wanted something that could handle a lot of use, especially in the summer when we have a high volume of customers.”

Learn more about how Atlantic Grill uses waterproof menus by watching the video above. Click on the play button or click here.

Why are REVLAR waterproof menus such a good fit for Atlantic Grill?

  • They are much happier with the look and feel of REVLAR vs. the plastic protectors they previously used
  • Their management prefers to purchase products from NH companies
  • It fulfills their operational needs for cleanable, printable and durable menus for a high volume of customers

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