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Expanding Specialty Media Offerings with Wide Format

Expanding Specialty Media Offerings with Wide Format

You asked for it, so we’re delivering it: more inkjet options!

Over the past couple of years, survey responses and customer conversations have confirmed there is a desire for us to offer more inkjet compatible materials.

We explored our options to see what products within the inkjet market would best complement our existing specialty media product portfolio, while simultaneously serving our customers to the fullest with high-impact imaging solutions. We’re excited to finally announce that we now offer a line of wide format rolls for inkjet imaging!

Wide format printing

Wide format printing is used for an endless variety of printing projects, such as large format artwork, signage, displays, banners, roll-ups, art reproduction, CAD printing and more. Our OEM partners and print shops work heavily in this space. Wide format printers are common in many industries, from the government to educational institutions.

Our friends at Sihl

This product expansion is made possible through a distribution partnership with Sihl, a leading manufacturer of digital print media. With Sihl’s excellent industry reputation and broad range of high-quality print media, we are confident that we have selected a partner that perfectly aligns with our philosophy to be “wildly reliable” in service to our customers.

Our new wide format product line consists of a range of substrates in various thicknesses and widths. For the moment, this media consists primarily of aqueous inkjet printer compatible materials, but our partnership with Sihl allows us the flexibility to serve customers beyond that scope.

Reach out to us

Contact your RELYCO representative to discuss our new wide format offerings! Not sure who that is? Have other feedback? Reach out to our Inkjet Solutions Product Manager, Joni van Gelder at jvangelder@relyco.com. She’s the champion of this cause!

Learn more by reading our full press release, visiting our product page and exploring the offerings on our eCommerce store.


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