Natural Grocer & Co-op Reduces Waste and Saves Time & Money by Eliminating Lamination

With departments like a garden center, bakery and deli, The Community Food Co-op were challenged with producing signage that would stand up over time, especially in high-traffic areas or places where moisture was common. REVLAR solved the problem!

Natural Grocer & Co-op Reduces Waste and Saves Time & Money by Eliminating Lamination

The Community Food Co-op began using REVLAR waterproof paper for their signage needs in 2013. Prior to that, they were using laminated card stock, which did the job, but was expensive and time-consuming to produce.

With departments like a garden center, bakery and deli, the Community Food Co-op was challenged with producing signage that would stand up over time, especially in high-traffic areas or places where moisture was common.

“To ensure the longest life for the finished product, we created our laminated signage in a two-step process,” explains Habiba Sial, the Community Food Co-op’s graphic designer. “We designed, printed, and cut each individual sign, then laminated them and trimmed them again…the lamination process took time away from other more important tasks.”

Making the leap from lamination to synthetic paper

After years of laminating, the Co-op’s Sustainability Program Coordinator Melissa Elkins began to review synthetic-paper options as a potential replacement, but there was an additional challenge: the paper needed to be recyclable to pass muster. Fortunately, REVLAR met those recycling requirements. The Co-op is deeply committed to sustainability and ecological responsibility:

“The laminated signs couldn’t be recycled, so they just went into the garbage,” says Elkins. “We closely track all our recycling efforts. As our company’s sustainability program coordinator, I’m always looking for ways to cut back on our landfill contributions, and REVLAR has definitely fulfilled this requirement. We love that our REVLAR signs can be recycled.”

Time savings that add up

With REVLAR, the process to create signage is much simpler because the signs only need to be cut once. Sheets of REVLAR are preprinted with a light green color to create a two-tone color image, and individual department managers just run the sheets through black and white printers to add text as the signs are needed.

Don’t forget actual cost savings

In addition to time savings, Community Food Co-op has benefitted from cost savings with REVLAR. “Laminating a typical piece of cardstock cost about $1.17 per sheet for the lamination alone; the REVLAR plus toner is as much as $0.20 less per sheet,” Elkins says.

To learn more about the Co-op’s recycling efforts and how REVLAR waterproof paper made it happen, read the full case study here.

If you’re a grocer who is interested in trying our signage solutions for yourself, request a free REVLAR Premium sample kit here or click on the button below. We’d love to show you all we have to offer!

Waterproof paper

Stationery Store Saves Time on Design with Unusual Marketing Piece

Fred Montoya worked with Relyco’s creative team to produce a custom pressure seal marketing piece for his stationery store that revealed surprise deals to his potential customers at a trade show. The piece was a successful icebreaker and it enabled Fred to start conversations and gain leads.


Ecru is a retail stationery store located in Portland, Maine. They focus on personalized wedding invitations, stationery, gifts and fine paper. Fred Montoya, Ecru’s owner, worked with Relyco’s creative team to produce a custom pressure seal marketing piece that revealed surprise deals to his potential customers at a trade show. The piece was a successful icebreaker and it enabled Fred to start conversations and gain leads.

So how did a “boring” pressure seal mailer become a trade show hit?

Fred wanted to do a creative piece for promotion at a trade show, but he didn’t have the time to design it himself and needed it quickly. Enter: Lyndsay Vachon, one of Relyco’s Account Representatives.

A unique spin on a traditional product

Lyndsay suggested that Fred work with our creative team to produce a flip-tab pressure seal mailer. (It’s worth noting that pressure seal mailers are not our flashiest products – some folks might even call them boring – so Lyndsay’s suggestion was pretty unconventional.) But she predicted that the peel-back tab would make opening that type of mailer a fun and different experience for trade show attendees. Spoiler alert: she was right!

Relyco’s creative team designed and printed the piece and Fred brought a basket of mailers to the show. The mailers were anything but boring; they were beautiful and the inside of each mailer revealed a discount percentage! There were three levels of discounts, which included a grand prize $1000 wedding suite with invitations printed in-house. According to Fred:

“The product was amazing at the show. Most people had drawings of some sort, but with me, it was different, it was instant. It created this atmosphere of anticipation and excitement every time someone approached my booth. I was very happy with it.”

Play the video above or click here to see the mailer and learn more about how and why Ecru used this marketing piece.

How did working with Relyco on this marketing piece benefit Ecru?

  • Fred’s time was freed up to prepare for the trade show – we took care of the promotional piece, from idea to finished printed product
  • A tight deadline was met on time and within budget
  • Ecru received more leads than expected by using the pressure seal mailer

If you find yourself in Fred’s position, where you need design help and/or you’re facing time constraints, consider utilizing Relyco’s design team. We can help you get the same results on your custom project. Reach out to us!

The Key to Community Input in Seattle: Waterproof Tags

After searching for an effective way to empower the public to give feedback on improvements to the area, the Alliance for Pioneer Square found REVLAR. They decided the weatherproof, easy-to-print on and vibrantly colored synthetic paper was perfect for creating the kind of waterproof tags the group needed.

map the square waterproof tags

Pioneer Square is sometimes billed as Seattle’s original neighborhood, and the once-beating heart of the city has been a popular spot since it was founded in 1852. The Alliance for Pioneer Square, a non-profit whose goal it is to improve and advocate for the area, was searching for public input and desires for updates to the neighborhood. The solution, brainstormed by The Young Architects Forum of the American Institute of Architects in conjunction with the Pioneer Square Alliance, was an initiative called Map the Square.

After searching for an effective way to empower the public to give feedback on improvements to the square, AIA architect Rob Deane said the group stumbled across Relyco’s REVLAR and decided the weatherproof, easy-to-print on, and vibrantly colored synthetic paper was perfect for creating the kind of waterproof tags the group envisioned for Pioneer Square.

How Map the Square Used Waterproof Tags

During the Seattle Design Festival, a two-week event that draws a ton of residents downtown, festival-goers were instructed to head to one of several kiosks located around Pioneer Square. The kiosks were populated with colorful waterproof REVLAR tags that designated different uses like art installations, restrooms, and dog parks. People could tie those tags to locations where they wanted to see those attractions, and The Young Architects Forum then went out into the neighborhood to find the hundreds of placed tags. Afterwards, they created an interactive map based on those tags, which they plan to present to the Alliance for Pioneer Square to inform future improvements and changes to the square.

The Benefits for Map the Square

  • The waterproof paper could be easily cut into tags
  • Tags could hold up to Seattle’s notoriously rainy weather
  • Prominent, bright colors allowed easy tagging and recognition
  • Project served as a blueprint for future, similar initiatives, both inside Seattle and beyond
  • The ability to easily print and customize tags for the campaign

For more photos, check out Map the Square’s Facebook page and Instagram account. Click here to read more about the Map the Square project. We’re pleased to see one of our products being used in a positive community project like this!

Click here or on the button below to request free REVLAR color samples.

Sample REVLAR Colors

Museum Uses Peel Off Membership Card for Donor Members

An EZ card provides an attractive way for The Wild Center to invite the museum’s generous donors to visit. Donors receive a customized peel-off membership card with a thank you letter!

Membership Card

The Wild Center is a science-based natural history museum located in the heart of the Adirondack Park in northern New York. The Museum’s indoor space is filled with a variety of learning experiences and opportunities, from live otters, amphibians and fish to interactive exhibits, films, naturalist programs and videos highlighting important research in the Adirondack Park. Outside, there are naturalist-led tours, hikes and interpretive exhibits that change by the season.

The Wild Center has a variety of membership levels and provides the traditional membership card to each new and renewing member. The museum also offers membership-type benefits to its generous donors, but those admission opportunities and other benefits are not always easy to convey.

“We wanted a donor card option for those good friends of The Wild Center who do not participate in the regular membership program, and this product serves that purpose very well. The Relyco EZ card provides an attractive way to invite our generous donors to visit the museum, and the peel-off card really helps us make that point,” said Tim Holmes, Membership and Appeals Officer for The Wild Center.

The Wild Center purchased our EZ cards because they were able to fully customize the cards and letter exactly how they wanted them. EZ cards help The Wild Center maintain the distinction between memberships and donations, while providing an attractive, tangible invitation for its donors to visit the museum. As with regular member cards, the card can also be scanned at admissions so that the museum has a record of their visits.

Are you interested in trying them out for yourself? EZ cards are user-friendly and compatible with most laser printers, but we always urge folks to test before they buy. Request free samples by clicking here or on the button below to try them out. Make sure to let us know the type of membership card you’d like to try.

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How RELYCO Became the Provider for Nevada’s Temporary DMV License Plate

When Nevada needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to their snowy winters and swirling summer sands, the state turned to Relyco.

Nevada DMV License Plate

Our latest case study features the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and dealerships across Nevada. Ted Imfeld of the Management Services & Programs Division at the NDMV said he began researching a waterproof solution for the state’s temporary vehicle license plates in 2014. They needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to Nevada’s snowy winters and swirling summer sands. Additionally, dealerships across Nevada had to be able to place orders for this temporary DMV license plate on an as-needed basis.

Service Sets RELYCO Apart

Imfeld’s research led him to three durable paper providers. According to Imfeld, the key differentiator for RELYCO was service. He worked with RELYCO Sales Representative Kim Dixon and was very impressed:

“Kim Dixon and everyone at RELYCO just took a huge weight off of my back. The need arose before we were involved with RELYCO, but they came along and filled the need really well. I can’t thank Kim enough, or give her enough praise for that.”

RELYCO has always prided itself on our company’s dedication to customer service, so it was wonderful to hear from Imfeld that our service set us apart from the competition. Ultimately, we created a special purchasing program for Nevada dealers to place their orders for the temporary DMV license plate. Now all temporary plates in Nevada are printed on RELYCO’s waterproof, tear-proof REVLAR synthetic paper. We have shipped out 1.5 million plates to Nevada dealers thus far!

The Benefits for Nevada:

  • The plates are easily trackable for law enforcement, allowing police to figure out who is (and who should be) driving every vehicle with a temporary placard
  • Durable temporary license plates that can withstand Nevada’s weather
  • Cost and time defrayed for the Nevada DMV because RELYCO works with and ships directly to dealerships
  • Dealerships have access to quick orders and shipping to handle the approximately 25,000 new vehicles sold every month in the state

Click here to read more about how RELYCO makes registering vehicles easier—and better—for the state’s DMV and dealerships across Nevada. If you’re interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or below. We’d love to chat with you about your options with various templates, materials and coatings. We will even send you some free samples if you like.

REVLAR temporary license plate consult

YMCA Makes a Splash with Waterproof Paper

Our most recent Photo Applications Contest submission came in from Christina Weiss, the Aquatics Director at YMCA of South Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia. Christina explained that they use our REVLAR waterproof paper for their swim lesson program, where the instructors need to be able to use their printed guides right in the water.

Waterproof Paper at YMCA

YMCA Creates Durable Guides with Waterproof Paper

Our most recent unique applications submission came in from Christina Weiss, the Aquatics Director at YMCA of South Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Christina explained that they use our REVLAR waterproof paper for their swim lesson program, where the instructors need to be able to use their printed guides right in the water:

“At the YMCA we are currently revamping our swim lesson program to a new, more streamlined program. The use of waterproof paper in the water during our lessons will help us provide a more consistently delivered program. I share that with you because I honestly believe you’re helping us make a difference in many children’s lives. I use the Canon IR V to print the lesson guides and skill guides to be able to use them in the water. So far they’ve lasted over 8 hours in the water consistently.”

REVLAR is not only waterproof, it’s also durable. It is ideally suited for printed materials that will be subject to extreme environmental conditions or grease and chemicals. Check out this brochure to learn more about REVLAR’s features and benefits!

For this particular application at the YMCA, it was important that the printed guides be able to withstand not just water, but chlorine and frequent handling as well. REVLAR proved that it was up to the challenge.

Christina’s glowing report made quite a splash here at Relyco! We are currently working with other YMCA Aquatics Programs around the country and Christina was one of our first YMCA customers! We are so pleased to see that she’s happy with REVLAR.

Click here to read the full YMCA customer story.

Shop Online for Discounts & Tax Exemption

Through our online store, YMCAs can enjoy a 10% discount on 8.5″ x 11″ REVLAR Premium 7.7 mil. YMCAs can take advantage of this offer by shopping 100 packs or 500 packs and entering discount code YMCA10 at checkout.

To take advantage of your tax-exempt status, make sure you set up a tax-exempt account before purchasing. Please fill out the form on this page and attach your tax-exempt certificate. We will get you set up within 1 business day or less.

Not ready to buy? Request a free YMCA sample kit to see and feel REVLAR for yourself!

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*This blog post was originally published in November 2016 and updated on June 16, 2021.

Marine Researcher Rachel Zuercher On Creative Uses For REVLAR Waterproof Paper

How one UCSC Ph.D. student is using REVLAR waterproof paper to take notes for marine surveys, a creative use of Relyco’s durable paper.

REVLAR Waterproof Paper

When we say that our REVLAR paper is waterproof, we mean it.

Our latest creative testimonial comes from Rachel Zuercher, a Ph.D. candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology with the University of California, Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!). Here’s how she’s utilizing REVLAR in the field, er, ocean for marine science surveys:

After testing many different brands and searching for underwater paper strong enough to withstand the day-to-day abuses of marine science and of high-enough quality to record data on, we finally found Relyco’s REVLAR Waterproof Paper. My marine research group uses this paper while SCUBA diving to record information about fish, algae and marine invertebrates in the kelp forests of California. The paper never tears, our pencil records don’t smear, and we’re able to print data sheets using a Canon Super G3 scanner/printer. I highly recommend this paper to anyone working underwater!

REVLAR waterproof paper is engineered to hold up to a great deal of stress and immersion, including the salinity of the Pacific Ocean and curious marine life. Attached to a clipboard, it provides the perfect medium for scientists working in SCUBA gear to record their observations in and out of the water without needing to lug additional technology into the ocean with them. We love that our synthetic paper is finding use in a scientific context, particularly such a cool one.

This is just one of thousands of possible uses for REVLAR, albeit one of the cooler ones we’ve heard about, so don’t forget to experiment. We’ve seen the paper used to craft menus, weatherproof signs, license plates, identification cards, and even wineproof glass tags for parties.

Contact us today to learn more about how our durable paper can work wonders for you.


Bonnie Chase Designs on Creative Uses for Waterproof REVLAR

Bonnie Chase Designs has some creative uses for REVLAR waterproof paper. She makes wine-proof party supplies, with great success!


Our latest Photo Applications Contest submission comes from Bonnie Chase Designs.

Bonnie told us her brain was “swimming with ideas” when she learned about our contest, but one experience using REVLAR waterproof paper stood out to her:

“I made some very original wine glass tags for a Halloween party, with the guests names. They loved them and wanted to take them but they were not made to last as wine dripped all over my ‘witches.’ Fast forward to your ‘wine proof’ product! I am on a roll making them in a variety of themes, and people are loving them. Today I made a matching set of coasters and tags printed on my HP Color Laser jetpro252 with beautiful results.”

REVLAR waterproof paper is virtually indestructible, tear-resistant and durable, as well as impervious to grease and chemicals. Oh, and according to Bonnie Chase Designs, wine-proof as well. The fully synthetic paper is perfect for printable coasters and wine tags as it can fend off the darkest of vintages.

The possibilities with REVLAR waterproof paper are endless. In addition to coasters and wine tags, it can be used for things such as menus, license plates, outdoor signs, brochures, id cards, wristband, etc. Be as creative as you want. REVLAR is valuable for thousands of applications. No matter what your use for REVLAR is, you can be sure that the image quality of your design will never be compromised.

Contact us today to learn about how Relyco’s print solutions can fuel your creativity.

Waterproof Paper Samples

BYU Football Team Finds Success with Waterproof Paper: A Case Study

Discover why BYU football uses REVLAR waterproof paper for durable, weather-resistant play books, call sheets, and wristbands.

waterproof playbooks call sheets

Brigham Young University (BYU) is one of the largest private academic institutions in the U.S., and the university’s football program has a long tradition of success.

Coaches in virtually every sport use some type of heavy paper, usually laminated, to create call sheets for games and practices, and the BYU Cougars football team is no exception.

From rain, sleet and snow to blood, sweat, and tears, a coach’s playbook takes a beating—which is why durability is so important.

BYU Football Uses REVLAR for Durable Playbooks & Call Sheets

Director of Football Operations Duane Busby explains that after years of dealing with the time and expense of creating laminated call sheets, he began to research a more effective alternative.

“We wanted a paper for all uses that didn’t require lamination, was waterproof—and sweat proof—and was durable and easy to use. And we wanted our coaches to be able to write on it without using a special pen.”

Busby searched for waterproof paper online and found that Relyco’s REVLAR was the most popular. Intrigued by the options of waterproof paper available, Busby requested samples, tested, and liked what he saw. Today, the BYU Cougars use REVLAR for all their durable paper needs.

The BYU Cougars have seen real benefits since they began using REVLAR.

“We love REVLAR from Relyco,” Busby says. “The various thicknesses that are available ensure we can have the right waterproof paper for all possible uses. With REVLAR, we’ve saved hours of laminating time and can print call sheets our coaches can write on, making the coaches more effective on the field. The fact that REVLAR is durable and tear resistant is a bonus.”


“As far as we’re concerned, REVLAR is proven—we’ve tested it ourselves,” Busby adds. “With a football team, any time you’re playing in bad weather it’s important to know that the waterproof paper you’ve used for call sheets is really waterproof. REVLAR is something we can count on.”

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted in December 2011 and has been updated for accuracy.

Waterproof paper

Customer Story: How REVLAR Waterproof Paper Helped TRX Expand Their Business

When TRX Business Supplies discovered REVLAR synthetic waterproof paper, it opened a whole new world of opportunities for both current and prospective customers.

TRX Business Supplies

TRX Business Supplies, a nationwide wholesaler of laser printers, toner and parts, has always been on the lookout for new and innovative products to offer its customers.

So when company President Allan Turk heard about synthetic waterproof paper, he was excited to discover the possible applications.

TRX Business Supplies now regularly stocks REVLAR waterproof paper and has received a great response from customers, including one Division 1 athletic department that was able to officially “sideline” its laminator.

Discovering a New Synthetic Paper Product

Founded in 2007, TRX Business Supplies has a long history of providing the full range of laser printer and printer-related products its customers need at discounted prices. The company is also committed to meeting its customers’ evolving requirements with new products.

This is why an email from Relyco about the availability of REVLAR waterproof paper—and the promise of a durable, weather-proof, tear-resistant paper—immediately caught Turk’s attention.

Turk requested samples and tested the synthetic paper himself, running it through different types of laser printers and even submerging the paper in water to test that the ink wouldn’t smear or fade.

When the waterproof paper passed all his tests with flying colors, Turk ordered a supply and created sample kits for customers that included a range of paper sizes and thicknesses. He began bringing the kits with him to share with customers who might find it useful, starting with those in athletic departments at the colleges and universities he visited.

Waterproof Paper – 1, Laminator – 0

One athletic department at a Division 1 university in the Midwest was especially excited about the prospect of synthetic paper, since the football coach and his assistants routinely carried a laminator with them to away games.

Why would they do that? Football call sheets have to be updated frequently and the coaching staff relied on lamination to ensure that the pages could withstand the use and abuse typical on the sidelines on game day.

The availability of waterproof paper from TRX Business Supplies meant the team could generate durable, tear-resistant, sweat-proof pages without spending an hour or more on pre-game lamination.

REVLAR Opens the Door to New Opportunities—and Customers

TRX Business Supplies has also sold synthetic paper to customers in hospitality, retail and leisure markets, including waterparks where the waterproof paper is used to print signage and menus.

The company has also supplied the paper to green wholesalers, gardening supply companies, and greenhouses with great success.

“We traditionally offered our customers ink and toner compatible with printers across the entire range of manufacturers, and REVLAR from Relyco enabled us to expand our product offerings,” Turk said. “We can now provide existing customers with a unique new product and approach prospective customers with a compelling story about the advantages of waterproof paper.”

Want to try synthetic waterproof paper? Request free samples.

Waterproof paper