Three Fun (& Festive) Ways to Use Floor Decals

Floor decals don’t just have to be basic, practical tools for social distancing. They can also be imaginative and engaging! We’re sharing three unique ways to use floor decals (with free design templates) to grab your customer’s attention.

We’ve all noticed how prevalent floor decals have become in stores over the last few months. These helpful decals often show where we are supposed to stand in order to properly maintain distance. But, as with all things, people get so accustomed to seeing the same thing over and over that they eventually stop seeing it. So why not mix it up and use floor decals in a more surprising way?

Borrow these creative floor decal ideas with free templates

Interactive game 

Have you ever seen a kid in a grocery store hopping from one color tile to the next? (Maybe you were even one of those kids!) Children need something to stay occupied while their parents are shopping, and their gaze naturally falls to the floor more often because they are closer to it. As a store manager, you could provide a way to keep kids busy and reduce the number of meltdowns, which is something parents will greatly appreciate.

Floor Decal with Snowman

Encourage kids to play an interactive floor decal game!

1. Place floor decals with snowmen on them randomly throughout the store.
2. At the main entrance, give families a flyer or post a sign to prompt them to count the snowmen while they shop.
3. At the end of the shopping experience, kids tell the cashier how many they spotted and they receive a small treat based on their number.

It’s a win-win for all – kids stay busy, parents can shop with ease and the store just created a family-friendly, positive experience for the customer.

We made you this free design template, feel free to use it to keep those kids from getting bored!

Marketing promotion / message

Is your marketing team looking for new ways to convey a message? Floor decals are an easy way to engage customers while directing them to take advantage of your promotion. For example, a manager’s special on an item could be highlighted by placing floor decals around the item (and strategically around the store). Or maybe a new item is on the shelf and you want to bring awareness to it – place a floor decal there to generate excitement

Spreading cheer during the holidays

During the winter months, you could offer a complimentary hot cocoa or coffee to your customers as they shop. Use floor decals to show them the way to your hot beverage station and watch them relax as they take that first sip. Customer engagements can come in many forms, but the most memorable ones are the ones that delight.

Grab this free design template and start warming your customer’s hearts (and hands) today!

Floor Decals for Hot Cocoa

Easy to use floor decals

Don’t have the materials for floor decals? Not sure where to find them? RELYCO offers REVLAR Floor Decals, a solution that allows you to print your own (as many or as few as you want) using your own laser printer. These OSHA compliant, non-slip floor decals come in three different sizes (circle, rectangle or oval), so you can let your creative juices flow.

As you can see from our ideas above, floor decals don’t just have to be basic, practical tools for social distancing. They can also be imaginative and engaging! The possibilities are endless. To get you started, use these pre-designed templates. Take our ideas and build your own! And, as always, reach out to us with any questions or if you need guidance.

Printable Temporary License Plates

With AAMVA’s new standards for durable temporary license plates, dealers and DMVs are searching for a new plate material. They have found it with REVLAR!

Temporary license plates are used to identify a vehicle until a permanent license plate is issued and can be mounted on a vehicle. Due to all the crime with temporary license plates, they need to be printed with information that clearly identifies the vehicle, which is not known until the time a vehicle is sold or leased at a dealer.

RELYCO's Temporary License Plate

Why durable material for plates?

Although temporary plates are intended for short-term use, temporary plates often end up getting used for months and need to be long-lasting. Today’s standards now call for use of durable, printable material.

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is the source of authority for standards used for plates. AAMVA updated their License Plate Standard, Edition 2 in October 2020 (download here), where they recommend the use of durable material. AAMVA standards also state temporary plates should be mounted on the outside of a vehicle in the same position as permanent plates. 

Many states have already updated their temporary requirements to durable material. For example, California passed legislation (AB516) requiring durable temporary license plate material. They also require that plates are printed when a car is purchased or leased from a dealer. These requirements have sent dealers on the search for plates that will work in their laser and inkjet printers.

RELYCO is the company dealers can go to. We provide durable material designed for laser or inkjet printing. Our REVLAR material is used for temporary plates and designed to last for years.

Laser & Inkjet compatible

REVLAR is the printable temporary plate choice

REVLAR works well in most desktop and large laser and inkjet printers. We work with most major printer companies to ensure our durable materials are certified and work well in printers. Auto dealers and motor vehicle agencies can rest assured that REVLAR material used for temporary license plates will work well in your laser and inkjet printers and meet state durability requirements.

Why RELYCO for printable temporary plates?

With plates made from our REVLAR synthetic paper, you have more options:

  • Laser printable or inkjet versions
  • Different choices for material thicknesses
  • Bright white background that is good for toll road and plate readers
  • Variety of stock temporary plate templates available
    • Options for cars, motorcycles, trailers, watercraft & recreational vehicles
    • Plates with perforated tear off registration card
  • Options to incorporate security features, such as:
    • Watermarks or seals
    • Holograms or tamper evident security films
    • Control numbers
    • Barcodes or QR codes
    • Special die-cuts or bolt hole patterns

RELYCO is experienced with plates

Our printable temporary license plates are used in 12 states. Our customers issue over 3 million temporary plates a year. Below are just a few examples of temporary plates.

REVLAR Temporary Plate Templates

Support for different types of programs

  • Dealer programs
  • State programs
  • Third party printing
  • Security partner programs

In most states, dealers issue the majority of the temporary plates when selling automobiles. We worked directly with the Nevada DMV to set up a special purchasing program for their dealers. Read our Nevada customer success story to learn about how we helped set up a dealer program.

If you’re a dealer or state agency and are interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or call 800.777.7359 to discuss options on plate designs, security and program options.


* This blog post was originally published in March 2019, it was updated and republished on November 5, 2021.

Is Waterproof Paper Worth the Investment? A Cost/Benefit Analysis

Is waterproof paper really worth the investment? Check out this cost comparison chart outlining the savings with waterproof paper vs. lamination.

When folks are first learning about waterproof synthetic paper and all of its benefits, they tend to assume that it must be prohibitively expensive. But that simply isn’t true!

How is that possible?

Yes, synthetic paper is initially going to cost more than regular copy paper. But when you take a broad view of your expenses, you just might see that the initial cost of synthetic paper is well worth it for the time and cost-savings down the line. This is especially true if you’re constantly reprinting pieces or undertaking a lamination process to increase durability.

What’s so great about synthetic paper?

REVLAR synthetic paper is waterproof, tear-proof and durable right out of the box. It’s designed to withstand high and low temperature fluctuations and is impervious to grease and chemicals. This product is actually made of plastic, which is what gives it all of these durable characteristics, yet it has the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper.

REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper characteristics

Waterproof paper vs. lamination

When you laminate traditional paper products in an attempt to achieve the characteristics inherent in REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper, you’re adding a time-consuming and expensive step after printing is complete. Plus, lamination can peel, bubble or crease, which allows moisture to penetrate over time and damage the finished piece. Once the material’s clean, professional appearance is compromised, there’s no turning back.

With REVLAR, you print once and you’re done; no extra steps, no hidden costs and no fuss!

Still skeptical? Check out this cost comparison chart:

For many users, particularly those concerned with look and feel, the final decision often comes down to the cost of REVLAR vs. the cost of lamination. This cost comparison illustrates that all three of our REVLAR products are a highly cost-effective solution.

This example calculates and compares the cost per sheet for 1,000 8.5” x 11” signs for outdoor use:

Laminating with
Standard Paper
REVLAR Premium
4.7 mil (155 gsm)
4.7 mil (150 gsm)
8 mil (200 gsm)
Printing Estimation$0.11 $0.11 $0.11 $0.11 
Paper Price$0.01 $0.46$0.40$0.49
Lamination Material$0.55 ¹N/AN/AN/A
Lamination Labor ²$0.33 ³N/AN/AN/A
Estimated Total Cost$1.00$0.57$0.51$0.60

¹ Cost per 5 mil pouch of lamination film from leading office supplier
² Most laminators from leading office supplier process one sheet per minute, totaling 16.67 hours for 1,000 sheets
³ Assuming labor is $20 per hour

This cost comparison does not even take into account other factors, such as the cost of purchasing and maintaining lamination equipment or the amount of time required to heat up lamination equipment. Both of those factors could significantly add to the overall cost of lamination.

To Learn More

To learn more about REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper, request free samples or more information by clicking below.

REVLAR learn more and request samples

*This blog post was originally published on Jan 9, 2015, it was updated and republished on August 23, 2018.

How to Print with Waterproof Synthetic Paper

How do you print on waterproof paper? It’s easy if you have the correct printer! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through all the important steps and offer some pro tips.

REVLAR Printer Settings

9 times out of 10, when folks are initially learning about waterproof synthetic paper, they have three main questions:

“What’s it made of?”

“How do you print on it?”

“What is it used for?”

You can find the answers to the first and third questions here and here. We’re going to address the second question in this blog post!

Step 1 – Check your printer

It’s easy to print on waterproof paper if you have the correct printer! Our REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper can be printed on dry toner laser printers, offset printers or flexo printers. The key is making sure that your printer is equipped to run the product’s gsm and melting point.

HOLD UP! What do those mean?

  • Grams per square meter (gsm) measures the density or how heavy a paper is.
  • Melting point is the temperature at which the paper will begin experiencing chemical reactions and breaking down.

All printers have maximum thresholds for these factors. We recommend that you pull out your printer’s manual to check those maximums. Compare those numbers to the table on this document to narrow down your options to the REVLAR paper type that might work best for you.

Don’t stress about this! If you’re unsure, our product specialists are always happy to help. They can look up your printer’s numbers and make sure that you get the right product for your printer.

Step 2 – Try before you buy

Like all synthetic substrates, you will need to adjust your print settings in order to ensure optimum runnability with REVLAR. Each printer is different, so we recommend that you do some test printing to see which settings give you the best results. Connect with one of our representatives to request some blank test samples so you can try it out!

Step 3 – Adjust your settings

When you go to print your file, make sure to change the media/paper type to match the gsm of the REVLAR product you have.

Please note: different media settings change the temperature and speed of the printer. For example, using a glossy paper setting causes the machine to run the fuser at a higher temperature than a plain paper. Also, the lower you set the gsm, the faster the paper will run through the machine.

In general, if your printer has a synthetic paper setting, that’s the one to use. If it doesn’t have a synthetic paper setting, we recommend playing around a little. Test out different options and see what works! If possible, try to choose settings that maintain:

  • Lower fuser temperature
  • Slower run
  • Straight path through the printer

Step 4 – Pro tips for best results

Once you find the best printer settings to run REVLAR through your machine, make sure to keep the following tips in mind for happy printing!

  • Allow the paper to acclimate to the printer’s room for 24 hours prior to printing
  • Fan sheets on all edges before loading into the feed drawer in order to reduce static
  • Any unused paper should be stored in its original box

Check out our printer settings guide if you’d like to dive deeper into finishing options, troubleshooting and disposal for REVLAR paper.

By printing your projects on waterproof paper yourself, you can enjoy the perks of printing as many (or as few) sheets as you need!

How to Choose the Right Synthetic Paper

We know it can be overwhelming to determine which synthetic paper is right for you. What are the key differences? How do you know which one to choose? This blog post answers those very questions!

We know it can be overwhelming to determine which synthetic paper is right for you. What are the key differences? How do you know which one to choose?

We don’t want you to be lost in a sea of possibilities. Consider this blog post your personal life ring!

Check out this handy comparison chart

Our REVLAR brand includes three of our synthetic paper products. Each product is designed to align with specific customer needs, applications and budgets. The key features below can help you pick the best fit for your project and printer.


Still not sure? Check out our FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions we often encounter when folks are exploring our waterproof synthetic paper options.

What is the main difference between REVLAR Premium, Select and Soft?

Premium and Select are rigid synthetics, while Soft is a more pliable soft synthetic.

If both Premium and Select are rigid, what is the difference between the two?

Premium and Select are made of the same base/core material, but Select has an industrial coating that is thinner than the coating used on Premium.

What is the material that REVLAR is made of?

Premium – polyester
Select – polyester
Soft – polyolefin

Are all the REVLAR papers waterproof and tear-proof?


If the three products are all waterproof and tear-proof, do they also last as long as each other?

Yes, they all have the same long lifespan.

Do I need a special printer to run REVLAR papers?

They will run on dry toner laser printers, offset printers and flexo printers.

My project requires folding, can these papers be easily folded?

REVLAR Soft can be easily folded by hand or machine. We recommend scoring REVLAR Premium or REVLAR Select before folding, to ensure the piece keeps its fold memory.

What is the recyclability of REVLAR?

REVLAR can be recycled as a plastic, not as a paper. We recommend you check in with your local recycling services for your options. REVLAR Premium & REVLAR Select are classified as a #1 plastic. REVLAR Soft is a #7 plastic.

Do all these papers share the same print quality?

All REVLAR products will produce a quality image, with REVLAR Premium producing the best pop!

Which mils and sizes are available for REVLAR?

Check out the chart in this document!

Learn more

If you’d like to dive deeper into the options, please request a free synthetic paper portfolio that includes blank samples, printed samples, datasheets and a brochure just for you!

REVLAR learn more and request samples

Relyco Expands REVLAR Synthetic Paper Line

We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our synthetic paper portfolio! We will now be offering REVLAR Select and REVLAR Soft to complement the already existing REVLAR Premium product. With this expansion, we are able to offer our customers more options that can meet a broader variety of budgetary and project needs.


Customers around the world have come to depend on us as one of the leading providers of premium synthetics. As both our customers’ needs and the market have transformed, we’ve taken steps to meet this changing marketplace with the expansion of our synthetic paper portfolio.

Introducing two new products!

We are delighted to announce that we will now be offering REVLAR Select and REVLAR Soft to complement the already existing REVLAR Premium product.

Over the last ten years, our customers within the private and public sector have used REVLAR Premium waterproof paper whenever printed pieces will be subject to frequent handling, wet surroundings or extreme environmental conditions. With its waterproof, tear-proof characteristics, REVLAR is particularly suited for indoor/outdoor signage, manuals, temporary license plates, menus, marketing materials, tags, labels, tickets, maps, guides, and more.

Why we expanded REVLAR

We first launched our synthetics line in 2008 and it has continued to grow since then. This most recent expansion is something we began working on in 2017 after observing some changes in the marketplace and receiving feedback from our current customers. Our first priority as a company is to ensure we are consistently offering value to our customers through superior products and services. With this expansion, we are able to offer our customers more options that can meet a broader variety of budgetary and project needs.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a current REVLAR customer, this expansion offers you new options for more applications! For example, if you’ve been dreaming of a synthetic paper that can be easily folded by hand for a menu, map or brochure, REVLAR Soft can do that! Additionally, for folks who are tactile and care about the feel of a material, Soft is remarkably silky and smooth to the touch, which translates well for booklets and manuals. Meanwhile, REVLAR Select is a great alternative to traditional rigid synthetics because of its industrial coating. Folks working with tighter budget requirements may find that Select is just the ticket for their signage, field guides and more!

Compare all three

You can compare and contrast all three products in more depth by exploring the REVLAR overview webpage. If you want to get your hands on some free samples, request the full REVLAR portfolio here.

REVLAR learn more and request samples

Stop Laminating Paper: 6 Reasons to Use Waterproof Paper Instead

Laminating paper is a practice that is widely used to help preserve and strengthen paper. It’s a great way to help paper products last and withstand exposure to water, chemicals and rough handling; however, it is also a time-consuming and sometimes costly practice.

laminating paper fail

Laminating paper is a practice that is widely used to help preserve and strengthen paper. It’s a great way to help paper products last and withstand exposure to water, chemicals and rough handling; however, it is also a time-consuming and sometimes costly practice. Thanks to advances in paper technology, durable paper solutions have been developed and manufactured to help!

Waterproof papers are synthetic: meaning that they are commonly made out of polypropylene resin and inorganic fibers, not wood pulp or natural fibers. Compared to laminated paper, waterproof paper is durable, tear-proof, chemical proof and fade-resistant right out of the package, so there is no additional process necessary.

We put together a list of the 6 reasons you should stop laminating paper and use waterproof paper instead!

1. Laminating paper can get expensive

We’ve found that one of the most common misconceptions about waterproof paper is that it is too expensive and that laminating paper is a cheaper option. Well, that just isn’t true. In fact, using waterproof paper instead of laminated paper reduces costs by 50% in this example.

Looking beyond the fact that waterproof paper is initially less expensive than lamination, you also need a product that you can easily print on, that will support your project/needs and that does not need to be continually replaced; to have one product that can do it all is key.

2. Time savings

One of the ways waterproof paper saves our customers time is by removing the need for additional finishing after printing. Once a sheet of waterproof paper runs through a dry toner laser printer, it’s ready to go. If you were to laminate a sheet of standard paper or card stock, you would have to perform the additional steps of inserting the paper into a pouch and running it through a laminating machine. This may not seem like it takes too much time, but when you combine all of the seconds it took to perform those extra steps, they quickly add up. Using waterproof paper offers you the convenience of printing your documents, menus, posters, signs or anything on demand!

3. Durability

Due to its synthetic composition, waterproof paper is super durable. Laminated paper is not as strong. It will eventually break down as peeling occurs and moisture seeps in. Waterproof paper, on the other hand, can withstand tearing, pounding rains, complete submersion under water, sub-freezing and high heat temperatures without even blinking. It also deters greases, solvents and chemicals.

4. Appearance matters

When it comes to a printed product, how it looks is crucial. Aesthetics are important and, let’s face it, lamination doesn’t look good in the long term. The initial appearance of a laminated piece is subjective; some people would say lamination always looks tacky, while others might say it looks shiny and fresh at the beginning of its life. But, as we discussed above, the piece will not hold up over time and will eventually crack or peel. Everyone can agree: that isn’t a great look.

5. Print & image quality

Images and text printed on synthetic paper are crisp, clean and easy to read. Waterproof paper bears the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper. That’s right! You can load it into your dry toner laser printer, just like you would with any standard paper. It comes in various weights, sizes, colors and can be punched or die-cut as needed. Waterproof paper can also be scored and folded – setting it further apart from laminated paper, which does not tolerate folding.

6. Versatility & variety of product types

Waterproof paper can be used for any product that would normally be printed on traditional paper, but could use more durability and a longer lifespan. It is perfect for menus, ID/membership cards, signage, door hangers, maps, license plates, passes, labels, manuals, permits and so much more. Waterproof paper is easily customizable and up to any challenge!

To learn more about waterproof paper and to order samples to try, visit us here. Know what you want and ready to buy? Visit our online store.

*This blog post was originally published on February 6, 2017, it was updated on May 9, 2018

Natural Grocer & Co-op Reduces Waste and Saves Time & Money by Eliminating Lamination

With departments like a garden center, bakery and deli, The Community Food Co-op were challenged with producing signage that would stand up over time, especially in high-traffic areas or places where moisture was common. REVLAR solved the problem!

Natural Grocer & Co-op Reduces Waste and Saves Time & Money by Eliminating Lamination

The Community Food Co-op began using REVLAR waterproof paper for their signage needs in 2013. Prior to that, they were using laminated card stock, which did the job, but was expensive and time-consuming to produce.

With departments like a garden center, bakery and deli, the Community Food Co-op was challenged with producing signage that would stand up over time, especially in high-traffic areas or places where moisture was common.

“To ensure the longest life for the finished product, we created our laminated signage in a two-step process,” explains Habiba Sial, the Community Food Co-op’s graphic designer. “We designed, printed, and cut each individual sign, then laminated them and trimmed them again…the lamination process took time away from other more important tasks.”

Making the leap from lamination to synthetic paper

After years of laminating, the Co-op’s Sustainability Program Coordinator Melissa Elkins began to review synthetic-paper options as a potential replacement, but there was an additional challenge: the paper needed to be recyclable to pass muster. Fortunately, REVLAR met those recycling requirements. The Co-op is deeply committed to sustainability and ecological responsibility:

“The laminated signs couldn’t be recycled, so they just went into the garbage,” says Elkins. “We closely track all our recycling efforts. As our company’s sustainability program coordinator, I’m always looking for ways to cut back on our landfill contributions, and REVLAR has definitely fulfilled this requirement. We love that our REVLAR signs can be recycled.”

Time savings that add up

With REVLAR, the process to create signage is much simpler because the signs only need to be cut once. Sheets of REVLAR are preprinted with a light green color to create a two-tone color image, and individual department managers just run the sheets through black and white printers to add text as the signs are needed.

Don’t forget actual cost savings

In addition to time savings, Community Food Co-op has benefitted from cost savings with REVLAR. “Laminating a typical piece of cardstock cost about $1.17 per sheet for the lamination alone; the REVLAR plus toner is as much as $0.20 less per sheet,” Elkins says.

To learn more about the Co-op’s recycling efforts and how REVLAR waterproof paper made it happen, read the full case study here.

If you’re a grocer who is interested in trying our signage solutions for yourself, request a free REVLAR Premium sample kit here or click on the button below. We’d love to show you all we have to offer!

Waterproof paper

The Key to Community Input in Seattle: Waterproof Tags

After searching for an effective way to empower the public to give feedback on improvements to the area, the Alliance for Pioneer Square found REVLAR. They decided the weatherproof, easy-to-print on and vibrantly colored synthetic paper was perfect for creating the kind of waterproof tags the group needed.

map the square waterproof tags

Pioneer Square is sometimes billed as Seattle’s original neighborhood, and the once-beating heart of the city has been a popular spot since it was founded in 1852. The Alliance for Pioneer Square, a non-profit whose goal it is to improve and advocate for the area, was searching for public input and desires for updates to the neighborhood. The solution, brainstormed by The Young Architects Forum of the American Institute of Architects in conjunction with the Pioneer Square Alliance, was an initiative called Map the Square.

After searching for an effective way to empower the public to give feedback on improvements to the square, AIA architect Rob Deane said the group stumbled across Relyco’s REVLAR and decided the weatherproof, easy-to-print on, and vibrantly colored synthetic paper was perfect for creating the kind of waterproof tags the group envisioned for Pioneer Square.

How Map the Square Used Waterproof Tags

During the Seattle Design Festival, a two-week event that draws a ton of residents downtown, festival-goers were instructed to head to one of several kiosks located around Pioneer Square. The kiosks were populated with colorful waterproof REVLAR tags that designated different uses like art installations, restrooms, and dog parks. People could tie those tags to locations where they wanted to see those attractions, and The Young Architects Forum then went out into the neighborhood to find the hundreds of placed tags. Afterwards, they created an interactive map based on those tags, which they plan to present to the Alliance for Pioneer Square to inform future improvements and changes to the square.

The Benefits for Map the Square

  • The waterproof paper could be easily cut into tags
  • Tags could hold up to Seattle’s notoriously rainy weather
  • Prominent, bright colors allowed easy tagging and recognition
  • Project served as a blueprint for future, similar initiatives, both inside Seattle and beyond
  • The ability to easily print and customize tags for the campaign

For more photos, check out Map the Square’s Facebook page and Instagram account. Click here to read more about the Map the Square project. We’re pleased to see one of our products being used in a positive community project like this!

Click here or on the button below to request free REVLAR color samples.

Sample REVLAR Colors

How RELYCO Became the Provider for Nevada’s Temporary DMV License Plate

When Nevada needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to their snowy winters and swirling summer sands, the state turned to Relyco.

Nevada DMV License Plate

Our latest case study features the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and dealerships across Nevada. Ted Imfeld of the Management Services & Programs Division at the NDMV said he began researching a waterproof solution for the state’s temporary vehicle license plates in 2014. They needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to Nevada’s snowy winters and swirling summer sands. Additionally, dealerships across Nevada had to be able to place orders for this temporary DMV license plate on an as-needed basis.

Service Sets RELYCO Apart

Imfeld’s research led him to three durable paper providers. According to Imfeld, the key differentiator for RELYCO was service. He worked with RELYCO Sales Representative Kim Dixon and was very impressed:

“Kim Dixon and everyone at RELYCO just took a huge weight off of my back. The need arose before we were involved with RELYCO, but they came along and filled the need really well. I can’t thank Kim enough, or give her enough praise for that.”

RELYCO has always prided itself on our company’s dedication to customer service, so it was wonderful to hear from Imfeld that our service set us apart from the competition. Ultimately, we created a special purchasing program for Nevada dealers to place their orders for the temporary DMV license plate. Now all temporary plates in Nevada are printed on RELYCO’s waterproof, tear-proof REVLAR synthetic paper. We have shipped out 1.5 million plates to Nevada dealers thus far!

The Benefits for Nevada:

  • The plates are easily trackable for law enforcement, allowing police to figure out who is (and who should be) driving every vehicle with a temporary placard
  • Durable temporary license plates that can withstand Nevada’s weather
  • Cost and time defrayed for the Nevada DMV because RELYCO works with and ships directly to dealerships
  • Dealerships have access to quick orders and shipping to handle the approximately 25,000 new vehicles sold every month in the state

Click here to read more about how RELYCO makes registering vehicles easier—and better—for the state’s DMV and dealerships across Nevada. If you’re interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or below. We’d love to chat with you about your options with various templates, materials and coatings. We will even send you some free samples if you like.

REVLAR temporary license plate consult