Printable Temporary License Plates

As more states move to tighten temporary plate regulations and incorporate security features to prevent fraud, dealers and DMVs are searching for the perfect new plate material. They have found it with REVLAR!

California has recently joined a long list of states that require temporary license plates when a car is purchased or leased from a dealer. In states where temporary license plates are not regulated or required, newly purchased cars might only display a small sticker, notice of sale or dealer logo placard while waiting for permanent plates.

Why are temporary license plates important?

Small stickers and notices can’t be photographed or read from a distance. Dealer logo plates make the vehicles untraceable. This makes it nearly impossible for law enforcement to identify drivers, which is especially problematic in instances of hit-and-runs. Beyond the public safety concern, states also experience revenue loss when these vehicles pass through electronic toll readers. California estimates that it lost out on $15 million annually through toll evasion.

To address these concerns, more counties and states are moving to tighten temporary plate regulations and incorporate security features. Dealers must adhere to new local requirements, which sends them on a search for plate materials.

What materials are used?

Some dealers start off by electing to use cardstock or cardboard for their plates. That kind of material might hold up for a few days, but, over time, the elements are going to take their toll. Layers of the paper will start to flake off with moisture exposure, potentially damaging the printed numbers or barcodes on the plates beyond recognition. This means bad news for the dealer who was responsible for issuing the plate.

Temporary License Plate REVLAR vs cardstock

To completely avoid this issue, some dealers use synthetic paper. Why? Synthetic paper is tough:

Synthetic Paper Attribute icons

Once you have a truly durable temporary plate, you no longer need to worry about it lasting to its expiration date.

REVLAR is your choice

With plates made from our REVLAR synthetic paper, you have even more options:

  • Laser printable or inkjet printable versions
  • Choices in terms of materials, thicknesses and coatings
  • Options for cars, motorcycles, trailers, watercraft & recreational vehicles
  • Ability to incorporate overt & covert security features, such as:
    • Watermarks
    • Holograms
    • QR codes
    • Barcodes
  • Compatibility with open road tolling and electronic readers
  • Recycle as a #1 plastic
  • Perforations: so you can include information on the perimeter that you want the buyer to keep after tearing out the plate

Our experience with plates

We’re just getting started in California, but we’ve supplied temporary plates to dealers in Texas and Nevada for years. We have several templates available:

REVLAR Temporary Plate Templates

We actually worked directly with the Nevada DMV to set up a special purchasing program for their dealers. So we’re very familiar with what’s required!

If you’re interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or below. We’d love to chat with you about your options with various templates, materials and coatings. We will even send you some free samples if you like.

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How You Can Use Waterproof Synthetic Paper

Wondering how you can use waterproof synthetic paper? Well, we’ve got ideas upon ideas – some from us and a few from our favorite customers! Think menus, parking passes, indoor/outdoor signage, maps, manuals, tags, labels, cards, tickets and more…

REVLAR Products In Use

As we mentioned in this blog post, when folks are first learning about waterproof synthetic paper, they often ask how it can be used. Most prospective customers want to hear about how others have used synthetic paper first, which sparks their own ideas. In the printing industry, these project ideas are called “applications.” Applications are examples of the ways that a material (or “printing substrate”) can be used in the real world as a finished, printed piece.

More brand options means more application options

The expansion of our REVLAR waterproof paper line now gives our customers more application options than ever! Each REVLAR product has unique characteristics that make it better suited to certain projects. For example, Soft’s silky smooth feel translates well for guides and brochures, while Premium’s FDA compliance makes for ideal food-safe deli picks and menus. Select, on the other hand, is a great alternative to Premium when cost is the priority.

Based on these considerations, we created a table to share some tried and true examples of how to use REVLAR. Please keep in mind, these are just ideas to get you thinking. The pairings of these applications and particular REVLAR products are just suggestions. It’s always best to reach out to one of our specialty paper experts to talk through your options and get a recommendation catered to your specific needs.

REVLAR Application Ideas, menus, food-safe menus, folded menus, recipe cards, placemats, ID tags, ID cards, Fishing licenses, Signage, posters, notices, temporary license plates, door hangers, removable labels, event passes, shelf wobblers, shelf strips, shelf sliders, race bibs, parking tickets, parking passes, hanging parking passes, charts, service tags, keg collars, maps, folded maps, blueprints, chemical drum labels, growler tags, emergency guides, food-safe deli picks, bottle neckers, retail tags, loyalty cards, reward cards, bookmarks, medical lab logs, medical forms, training manuals, field manuals, parts manuals, maintenance manuals
Please click here to enlarge the table

Stand out customers

Now that you’ve seen some general applications, how about some customer spotlights?

Playing cards from Ryan Rud-Cloud
Photo by Ryan Rud-Cloud

Ryan Rud-Cloud from White Rabbit Copy Service and Digital Printing in Indiana recently shared this photo with us. He’s using REVLAR to make playing cards! Rud-Cloud told us:

“We use REVLAR 10.7 mil for playing cards, business cards, and small outdoor signs. People love the fact that we have playing cards that they don’t have to worry about getting wet or even dirty because they know they can clean them. Make a great gift for kids or for being outdoors. I am a BIG fan of RELYCO.”


Sign photo by Patti Feeley
Photo by Patti Feeley

Patti Feeley from Ideal Concrete Block in Massachusetts is using our REVLAR labels as signage at her business. Because these labels are waterproof and weatherproof, they hold up outdoors! Feeley said:

“We use the adhesive backed REVLAR for product display signs, which allows us to customize signs as needed. Great customer service!”



Thanks for sharing these examples, Ryan & Patti! It’s always great to see our products in action.

Have we gotten those creative juices flowing with these applications? Do you have some ideas for how you can use waterproof synthetic paper? Request a full portfolio here to receive samples, datasheets and a waterproof paper guide. Ready to buy? Visit our online store.

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How Relyco Became the Provider for Nevada’s Temporary DMV License Plate

When Nevada needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to their snowy winters and swirling summer sands, the state turned to Relyco.

Nevada DMV License Plate

Our latest case study features the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and dealerships across Nevada. Ted Imfeld of the Management Services & Programs Division at the NDMV said he began researching a waterproof solution for the state’s temporary vehicle license plates in 2014. They needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to Nevada’s snowy winters and swirling summer sands. Additionally, dealerships across Nevada had to be able to place orders for this temporary DMV license plate on an as-needed basis.

Service Sets Relyco Apart

Imfeld’s research led him to three durable paper providers. According to Imfeld, the key differentiator for Relyco was service. He worked with Relyco Sales Representative Kim Dixon and was very impressed:

“Kim Dixon and everyone at Relyco just took a huge weight off of my back. The need arose before we were involved with Relyco, but they came along and filled the need really well. I can’t thank Kim enough, or give her enough praise for that.”

Relyco has always prided itself on our company’s dedication to customer service, so it was wonderful to hear from Imfeld that our service set us apart from the competition. Ultimately, we created a special purchasing program for Nevada dealers to place their orders for the temporary DMV license plate. Now all temporary plates in Nevada are printed on Relyco’s waterproof, tear-proof REVLAR synthetic paper. We have shipped out 400 million plates to Nevada dealers thus far!

The Benefits for Nevada:

  • The plates are easily trackable for law enforcement, allowing police to figure out who is (and who should be) driving every vehicle with a temporary placard
  • Durable temporary license plates that can withstand Nevada’s weather
  • Cost and time defrayed for the Nevada DMV because Relyco works with and ships directly to dealerships
  • Dealerships have access to quick orders and shipping to handle the approximately 25,000 new vehicles sold every month in the state

Click here to read more about how Relyco makes registering vehicles easier—and better—for the state’s DMV and dealerships across Nevada. If you’re interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or below. We’d love to chat with you about your options with various templates, materials and coatings. We will even send you some free samples if you like.

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