Get to Know RELYCO Blogs

Christina has a special ability to set people immediately at ease. That's a valuable skill to have when working with customers. Learn more about Christina in her own words. Read more

We love Janet for her sense of humor. She’ll crack an unexpected joke, pair it with an infectious laugh and the rest of us can’t resist joining in. Meet Janet in her own words here. Read more

With experience bartending and managing a dive bar, we knew that Alexi was going to have excellent people skills. We were not disappointed! Read all about her here. Read more

Beyond having an easy rapport with customers, Kim is simply a fun person to be around – she’s always down for a laugh and always "all in." Read more

Bela is a wonderful asset to the Accounting team (and RELYCO as a whole). Beyond her accounting skills, Bela is also trilingual, which we're forever impressed by! Read more

Cassie is such a joyful addition to our team. Her energetic enthusiasm is so infectious that she now leads our company’s Fun Committee. Learn more about Cassie here. Read more

Bobby's role involves processing orders, relaying information to customers and vendor relations. Beyond doing a terrific job, he’s also just a really likable, funny and relatable person. See for yourself here. Read more

Bill works in our Operations department, where his role involves managing inventory, purchasing, analyzing trends and forecasting. His family sounds like a fun group, as you'll see in his final answer. Read more

After starting as a Business Development Representative in August 2019, Stephanie Valpey is now part of the Account Management team at RELYCO. Steph is an outdoor adventure enthusiast, as you’ll learn from several of her answers here. Read more

Julia Hodges is one of our Account Managers. She has a superb sense of humor! She always sends the most perfect GIF reaction for any circumstance. As a self-described “fussy customer who wants things done right,” Julia has a lot of empathy for the customer experience. Read more

Kelsey Dexter serves as our Manager for the Account Management team. She is one of those naturally positive people that effortlessly uplifts you when you chat with her. Plus, she’s always down for a laugh, which we appreciate around here! Read more

Joni van Gelder is a Senior Account Executive and our "webinar queen." She has worked at Relyco for almost 15 years. One of the first things you'll notice about Joni is how witty she is. Joni is always ready to serve a sly comeback or slick line to get people laughing. Read more

Rob primarily works with government and military accounts, though not exclusively. Rob is friendly, but to-the-point in most of his interactions, which is probably due to his own military background in the Air Force. Read more

Trish has been at Relyco for over 11 years and she is the only employee who has worked in sales, customer service, purchasing and accounting. Her experiences while working in multiple departments have given her a unique perspective about the company as a whole. Read more

Michael Batchelder has worked at Relyco for almost eight years. With Cindy and Deb, he rounds out the three-person team of Client Service Representatives. When asked to describe Michael, his co-workers immediately noted his sarcasm and dry sense of humor, which is peppered throughout this interview. Read more

A few years ago, Relyco acquired Piracle Supply Sales. Mycca was a Supplies Account Manager at Piracle and we brought her on board as a full-time Relyco employee during the acquisition. We know how much her customers love her! They are glad to continue working with the same person and we are thrilled to have Mycca as part of the Relyco family! Read more

Not only is Michelle one of our longtime veteran employees, she is also a military veteran, having served in the US Navy for eight years. Even though Michelle is hardworking and professional, she has a laid-back personality, which comes as a bit of a surprise once you discover how busy she is. Read more

Bruce Steinberg is Relyco's CEO. Bruce is Mike Steinberg's son, which makes Relyco truly a family company. Since 2007, Bruce has been an integral part of the team and he has taken on new initiatives to grow the company. Read more

This month is Donna Salinger's 16 year anniversary at Relyco! Donna is our Accounting Administrator. She focuses primarily on billing. Outside of work, she's passionate about her quilting hobby. Donna has a great New England accent and a really dry sense of humor. Read more

Tonya Skidds has been at Relyco for seven years. The first thing you'd notice about Tonya is her utterly delightful and contagious laugh. She has THE BEST giggle. It's impossible to hear Tonya laugh and not at least crack a smile. Read more

Anna Drew is one of Relyco's Account Executives. She has an outgoing personality; she is bubbly and enthusiastic both in person and on the phone with her customers. Read more

Tyler Parkhurst is Relyco's Senior Government Sales/Account Executive. His easygoing style was evident throughout the interview and headshot process. Tyler is, in a word, likable. Read more

Have you been reading our emails, blogs or newsletters? Have you noticed the fun, quirky tone? Well, Steph Oeser (pronounced ay-ser) is behind all of them! Steph is our Marketing Manager. She joined our team back in October 2016. Read more

Kara Lapierre is Relyco's Creative Director. She does our graphic design work, video shoots & editing, printer troubleshooting and so much more! To know Kara is to love her. Read more

Next up in our Get to Know Relyco Series is Brenda Chaisson, Relyco Partner Sales Manager. Brenda is the salesperson who is down to try anything, even if it's scary and new. Read more

We'd like to introduce Mary Jo Gauthier, Relyco's Office Manager. That title seems deceptively simple. In reality, Mary Jo does so much. She takes care of receiving and shipping all eCommerce store orders, stocks our office with supplies, makes all of our staff's travel arrangements, books our conference rooms and just generally keeps track of everything. Read more

Mike has worked at Relyco for over eight years and he's known affectionately around the office as simply: "Chambers." Mike not only manages the customer service team, he is also the guy you go to if you're having an issue. Read more

Mike founded Relyco in April of 1989. Today, Relyco is still run as a family business. Mike is proud of all the company has accomplished, though it seems like it's how success has been achieved that really pleases Mike. Read more