Grocery / Supermarkets

Grocery stores that are looking to increase their sales can achieve this goal by upgrading their in-store signage. Clean and attractive signage that focuses on providing convenience and culinary inspiration is important to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales. We have synthetic paper for all types of applications including signage in moisture-rich fresh departments, such as produce, deli, meat, seafood and prepared food sections. You can even use it outdoors as signage for seasonal displays.


In-Store Signage: This high-quality signage will look as good in the evening as it did in the morning. It can be more than just pricing signage; use these signs to describe product origins, nutritional properties and fun facts!

Exterior Signage: Our synthetic signage options perform outdoors as well as they do indoors, especially for seasonal displays. LEARN MORE

Shelf Talkers & Markers

Shelf Talkers are designed to grab the attention of shoppers. These point-of-purchase attention-getters are perfect for highlighting featured products and boosting sales. 

Consider these specific products: REVLAR Premium Die-Cuts | REVLAR Premium Synthetic Paper | REVLAR Select Synthetic Paper | REVLAR Soft Synthetic Paper | TRIDURA Hybrid Paper

Recipe Cards

Recipe cards produced with RELYCO synthetic paper and made available with certain foods help you establish a deeper connection with shoppers. 

Consider these specific products: REVLAR Premium Synthetic Paper | REVLAR Select Synthetic Paper | REVLAR Soft Synthetic Paper | TRIDURA Hybrid Paper


Specialty media provide a superior advantage over traditional direct-mail papers, helping your mailings get opened and read. We have options for single-piece mailings as well as multi-piece inserts. We can also provide the form/envelope outer shell and the equipment to recognize and process variable direct-mail pieces at a high rate of speed. 

Consider these specific products: DURASEAL Envelopes | Pressure Seal Forms & Equipment | Synthetic Paper

Window Clings

There’s plenty of ways to drive more customers into your store, but one of the easiest and most effective options is to invest in window clings. With their enticing, full color imagery, window graphics transform your storefront, helping you attract customers and drive revenue through your doors.

Consider this product: REVLAR Synthetic Labels

Loyalty/Reward Cards

Our loyalty/reward card solutions are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Simply choose the card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements for your unique project.

Consider these specific products: RELYCO EZ-Card | Plastic ID Cards | Custom ID & Membership Cards