Logistics & Distribution

Logistics and distribution is all about the efficient organizing, storing and shipping of products. Critical to the job are the forms, tags, documents and labels that help facilitate the smooth flow of goods. Error-free processing and pinpoint tracking are more important than ever. RELYCO has solutions that help you stay on track and save money.


Our carbonless laser paper is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution that enables you to create and print multi-part forms, invoices, statements, receipts or extra copies of any business form quickly, easily and on-demand.

Consider this product: REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms


RELYCO supplies a range of synthetic materials for use as temporary or permanent tags. They are waterproof, tear-proof, washable, chemical-resistant, grease-resistant, weatherproof and more.

Consider these specific products: REVLAR Premium Die-Cuts | REVLAR Premium Synthetic Paper | REVLAR Select Synthetic Paper | REVLAR Soft Synthetic Paper | TRIDURA Hybrid Paper

Shipping Documents

We can supply you with off-the-shelf or customized integrated shipping and return forms that help streamline the on-demand printing process and cut costs.

Consider this product: Integrated Label Forms


Whether you need a permanent adhesive label for mailing or packaging, a removable label for UPC purposes, a waterproof label for chemical drums or an integrated form/label combination, RELYCO has a stock or custom label solution for you.

Consider these specific products: REVLAR Synthetic Labels | ENDURA Labels