TROY M507DN Secure EX MICR Printer 1T/1L/110V


About this item


Specifically designed to print checks and other financial documents in house, you can print the entire check including E13-B MICR characters. Streamline your process. Meet banking guidelines. And, reduce fraud risks.

Security features & functionality include:

  • TROYMark Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology: prints a watermark diagonally across each check with data pulled from the check
  • Paper Tray Locks and Steel Shielding: protects valuable blank paper stock from being stolen
  • Secure 3-position Keylock: Physically disables print functionality to prevent unauthorized printing of checks
  • Encryption & Decryption: ensures protection of sensitive print data over a network. Only "unlocks" and prints the data only when it is received at the TROY printer.
  • Monthly Print Volume: 2,000-7,500
  • Capacity (sheets): 650
Description The highest level of functionality and security available in a MICR printer. Secure your check printing workflow while handling your day-to-day processes efficiently. On-demand check printing functionality and added security saves you time and money, while reducing your fraud risks. This solution works with preprinted stock or with blank check stock.