About Us


We’re a premier supplier of unique and innovative paper products that are designed for laser and inkjet printers. We provide synthetic paper, labels, metallic paper, pressure seal forms, specialty packaging, business forms, checks, carbonless paper and payment solutions. Our products are great for thousands of uses, which enables our customers to get the most value out of their printer investment.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with clients across all industries and federal, state and local governments. We are GSA & GPO qualified, GSA FSS Contract GS-02F-0158N, CAGE code: 3EK16.

GSA & GPO qualified

Since our founding, we have defined ourselves by our reliability. After all, RELYCO means “the company you can rely on.” And the need for reliability in the marketplace will only become more intense as we move forward into the future. We’re certain you can sense it too. Our whole approach, then, is for you to be able to depend on us and our products to perform. Every day we remain vigilant and resolute in fulfilling our mission.

Our Purpose

To build trust through reliability.

Being reliable is one of the most valued traits in a person and a company. Simply put, being reliable means that if you say you will do something, you will do it. Some companies claim to be reliable, but we believe in being “wildly reliable.”  Calling when we say we will. Showing up when we say we will. Delivering when we say we will. Supplying products that perform beyond expectations. Why? Because inconsistency in these areas destroys trust and trust is the foundation of all relationships.

RELYCO defines reliability these two ways

  1. Products that produce great results time after time.
  2. People that can be depended on without fail.
Relyco Sales, Inc., Paper Distributors, Dover, NH

What are our guiding principles?

Our core values underlie our work, how we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to help you achieve your goals. They are the basic elements of how we differentiate RELYCO. They are the practices we apply every day in everything we do.


Our core values

  • FRIENDLY – Being friendly is a natural result of loving what we do. We are personable, easy to work with and happy to be here.
  • EMPATHETIC – We stand in the other person’s shoes in order to develop better understanding and a closer connection.
  • COLLABORATIVE – Together we are stronger. We deliver more success through shared goals and mutual support.
  • INNOVATIVE – We are a perpetual work in progress always striving to be better, always looking for new answers and always seeking new ways to delight.
  • RELENTLESS – We operate with urgency, stopping at nothing to fulfill our commitments.