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We pride ourselves on our wildly reliable customer service, and our blog is designed to be an extension of that mission. Whether you're seeking expert advice, industry insights or simply looking to learn more about us, our blog is here to answer your questions.

Part 3 of our website blog series

Introducing Our New Website: New Benefits to Creating an Account (Part 3)

Unlock exclusive benefits by creating an account on our store. Based on customer feedback, we prioritized these new account options when creating our website.

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What Our E-File Service Provides: Benefits & Security Features

What Our E-File Service Provides: Benefits & Security Features

In this final installment of our blog series on business e-filing, we dive into specific benefits and explain the security features of our e-file system. We're talking data encryption, SOC-II certification and HIPAA compliance!
How to use our e-File site

How to E-File: Simple Steps to Use Our Tool

To demystify the e-filing process, we created this quick video and blog post. You'll see how easy it is to set up an account, submit a file and checkout. With our e-filing option, you save time, money and tons of frustration.
Top 8 Advantages of Online Tax Filing

Top 8 Advantages of Online Tax Filing

What does online tax filing for businesses actually do? Essentially, e-filing removes the bulk of the manual process that is involved in printing and mailing your business's year-end forms. But there are even more reasons to consider filing online...explore them in this blog!