RELYCO acquired Piracle Supply Sales in 2016, and we’ve been your source for Piracle Checks, Piracle Envelopes and Toner ever since. We offer a full variety of check formats and colors, all made to comply with the latest check processing and security standards.

Piracle Envelopes


Designed to match our Piracle checks and products. If you’re ordering from our array of Piracle products, these are the envelopes for you. Piracle envelopes offer security and protection for your confidential documents and mailings.

MICR Toner


Ensure a complete MICR solution with MICR toner cartridges that are compatible with your MICR printer. Our MICR toners guarantee compliance with ANSI X9 standards for MICR printing. We offer standard MICR toner and recycled MICR toner.