Shipping Labels Re-Imagined: Print Your Own Integrated Form Labels

What if you had a single label that integrated all the information you need for shipment in one place? Combine a primary shipping label, list of contents, print out of the charges, and return info with label into a single sheet.

Integrated Shipping Label FormsHow do you currently manage the labels for your shipments? Do you put a label on the outside of the product packaging, toss the content and info sheets inside and call it a day?

What if you had a single label that integrated all the information you need for shipment in one place? You could include:

  • The primary shipping label
  • The list of what is in the box
  • A print out of the charges and how the product was paid for
  • Information on how to return the item
  • A return label

Streamline Shipping With Integrated Form Labels

By using integrated form labels, you can print all the info you need on a single sheet in one pass through your printer.

Under normal conditions you would print your shipping label, and then print out your contents, and also a sheet with the terms and conditions for returning the item, and then a return label.

How many separate forms will you have to print? What is the possibility of getting the wrong information into the wrong box?

Print Your Own Integrated Shipping Labels

The integrated label is something you can create by working closely with a specialist in forms design. It can be configured to give you the specific labels you need and printed out on your digital printer in one pass.

You can peel off the shipping label and affix it to the outside of the box. Then you put the balance of the label sheet inside the box. Done. Sealed. Ready to go. It really is that easy.

For more information on integrated labels, please call and talk to an experienced representative who will answer all of your questions.