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|Steph Oeser

Introducing Our New Website: New Benefits to Creating an Account (Part 3)

RELYCO's New Website Part 3

Unlock exclusive benefits by creating an account on our store. You asked for these features, and we’re delivering! Based on customer feedback, we prioritized these new account options when creating our website.

Explore the exciting features and updates on our new website in this blog series.  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3 (below)

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Faster reordering with order history

By creating an account on our store, you gain 24/7 visibility into your order history and current order status. This is the case even if you’ve checked out as a guest in the past; if you’ve used the same email address for each order, your history will populate once you create an account! This allows you to easily track and view your current and previous orders, making reordering more convenient and faster than ever.

Never ordered on our website before? No problem! We can make it a smooth transition for you. If you’ve only previously ordered through a sales rep, we can easily bring that order history into an account for you. Reach out to us for assistance.


Faster reordering with order history

Join your colleagues in a company account 

If multiple people in your business need access to place orders, their accounts can be joined into a company account. Contact us if you need this! Admin permissions can be granted to give select people access to see all orders associated with your business, not just the orders they place. Company accounts also allow for smoother transitions as your colleagues enter or leave their positions.

 Join your colleagues in a company account

Customized pricing: reseller or tax exemption

If you’re a reseller or business that qualifies for tax exemption, creating an account on our store allows us to offer customized pricing options. You just need to request access once you have an account. Once approved, you will experience a seamless purchasing experience with your specific pricing already built into your account. 

Manage multiple shipping addresses

Once you have an account on our store, you have the ability to add and save multiple shipping addresses. This allows you to eliminate the hassle of manually entering shipping details each time you make a purchase; instead, you can simply select the correct address during the checkout process. This is particularly useful if you frequently need to ship items to different locations.

 Ship to multiple shipping addresses

Easy payment options: saved credit card or payment terms

With an account, your checkout and payment process is more streamlined. You can securely store your credit card information in your account, which eliminates the need to enter your card details with every purchase.

Additionally, we allow payment terms for eligible customers on our store. If you already have terms approved, you will notice the option during checkout. If you don’t yet have payment terms, you can apply here. Payment terms allow you to make purchases and pay at a later date, providing flexibility and convenience.

Contact us

We’ve covered the major features of our new site. But, as anyone in business will tell you, websites are a constant work in progress and improvements are ongoing. Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for our website. Have a great idea to make your buying experience better? Don’t be shy!

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