Vibrants for Charity at GRAPH EXPO 2015 Leads to $1,500 in Donations

Visitors to our GRAPH EXPO 2015 booth helped us distribute 300 vibrantly colored charity badges and donate $1,500 to six worthy causes.

Charity GRAPH EXPO 2015Were you one of the hundreds of people who attended GRAPH EXPO 2015? Did you stop by our booth and pick up a Vibrants for Charity badge?

If you answered yes to both those questions, then you’re one of the many who helped us distribute 300 brilliantly colored badges and donate $1,500 to six incredibly worthy charities.

We printed the badges for GRAPH EXPO 2015 on REVLAR Vibrant Color synthetic paper, each color supporting one of six charities: the Make a Wish Foundation, Wounded Warrior ProjectNo Kid Hungry, Operation Smile, The Nature Conservancy and the American Cancer Society.

Visitors to our booth were given the chance to choose a badge supporting the cause of their choice. For each badge worn during Graph Expo, we promised to donate $5 to that charity. All 300 badges were picked up—50 for each charity—totaling a donation of $250 for each organization.

Thanks for Your Support and Your Stories

We want to applaud everyone who picked up a badge, but even more than that, we’d like to thank them for sharing their reasons for supporting each charity with our Relyco team members.

Many had relatives in the military. One person selected the Wounded Warrior Project badge because her young nephew came back from Afghanistan suffering from severe PTSD. Others talked about relatives or friends battling cancer. Some felt strongly about providing food for hungry children.

Whatever the reason, these people wore their Vibrants for Charity badges proudly, and we’re proud to have met them.

Sample REVLAR Colors