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|Steph Oeser

Relyco Donates $1,500 with 3rd Annual Vibrants for Charity

We are just coming off of an inspiring and exciting week at our largest trade show, PRINT17! This was the third year that we incorporated our Vibrants for Charities program into our booth and it was just as rewarding as ever! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and participated. We couldn’t have done it without you!

For the program, we print 300 colorful charity tags on our REVLAR Vibrant Colors durable paper and turn them into badges. Each color represents one charity. Everyone who stopped by our booth was encouraged to choose a charity badge and we pledged to make a $5 donation to their choice. This year, the supported charities were 5 Gyres, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, National MS Society, ASPCA and Wounded Warrior Project. Relyco donated a total of $1,500 to these six organizations last week.

We’ve found that this program is a great way to communicate our company’s values during the show, while also creating a bridge to build connections with booth visitors. When selecting their charity, many folks share stories with our team about why they are choosing it. We are honored and touched to hear those personal accounts and we often share our own stories too. The six charities are chosen by Relyco employees each year, so we all have our personal ties and reasons to select them.

This year, we also gave away a reusable bag at our booth, which was a big hit! When selecting the bags, we opted to order from ChicoBag, in part because they were running an Earth Day program. During the month of April, ChicoBag donated part of their proceeds to 5Gyres, which is an organization that works to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. $4357 was donated by Chico Bag to 5Gyres during that month! We’re proud that our order helped with that.

ChicoBag’s donation to an environmental organization aligned with our own commitment to giving, so it all just felt right. By offering both the bags and charity tags as giveaways at PRINT17, we were able to come full circle with our mission to give back. Learn more about our commitment to giving here.

At the show, we also received positive feedback about the tags from marketers and graphic designers who were impressed by the unique way that we utilized colorful durable paper. To see these vibrant colors up close and personal, request a free sample kit here or by clicking below.

Sample REVLAR Colors

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