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|Kathleen Roach

RELYCO’s 2023 Impact Report

At RELYCO, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to our customers. However, our commitment extends beyond business. Each year, we leverage our resources to create a broader impact. 

We aim to make meaningful differences in the lives of our customers, empower our team, support our local communities, and protect our environment. Each year we work to surpass our previous impact and honor our promise to be “the company you can rely on.” Our commitment to continuous improvement and community engagement drives us to set higher standards and achieve even greater results.

According to our CEO, Bruce Steinberg, “We’re excited to share our
2023 Impact Report, showcasing the strides we’ve made as an organization over the past year. We’re immensely proud of our accomplishments, particularly in the 46% increase in our charitable giving over the previous year.”


The dedication and passion our team brings to RELYCO drives our success and ability to make a difference. Uplifting, supporting and empowering that same team is a top priority.

In 2023 we hosted 10 internal training programs and 9 employee engagement and team-building events. These events were incredibly successful, with over half of all employees participating in them.

Team graphic


As an organization, we are committed to making changes that eliminate harmful practices.

In our Dover, NH headquarters, we previously transitioned to compostable products and introduced a composting system. In 2023, we were able to collect 1,664 gallons of food scraps and materials in our composting bins to be properly composted, largely reducing our company’s waste.

With a continued focus on waste reduction, we also tackled electronic waste, such as old computers, scanners and more. Throughout the year, we gathered over 500 lbs of e-waste for recycling and proper disposal, further minimizing our environmental footprint.

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As we continue to grow and develop as an organization, our local community remains at the forefront of our efforts. Our impact report this year reflects this priority, showcasing a 46% increase in our charitable giving efforts, totaling $32,348.99 donated back into the community.

2023 marked 20 years of one of our company's most cherished initiatives, our Holiday Gift Program, in which we purchase, wrap and donate gifts for local children and families. This past year we distributed gifts to 85 kids, aiming to brighten the holidays for families in our direct community.

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Circling back to our primary business goal, our customers are top-of-mind in everything we do at RELYCO. We continually strive to deliver top-notch customer service and build lasting relationships.

This year, our tracking and reporting data showed a 96% quality performance rating and a 95% on-time delivery rate. These indicators are reflections of our unwavering commitment to dependability and excellence in serving our customers.

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2023 was an incredible year for RELYCO as an organization. Steinberg remarked, “Our impact cannot be quantified solely in numbers and figures. It is the result of the passion and ingenuity of each member of our team. We’re so grateful for their dedication.”

Our journey doesn’t stop here, we are committed to growing and carrying this dedication to our customers and community moving forward. While we are only a few months into 2024, we are already making significant strides towards these goals. As an organization, we look forward to continually pushing ourselves to make even more meaningful impacts and to uphold the highest standards.

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