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5 New Synthetic Paper Applications You Have To See

Synthetic-Paper-Applications Over 27 years in business, we've learned that the only thing that limits synthetic paper applications is one's imagination. We were reminded of that recently when we surveyed over 400 people to learn how they use durable, waterproof paper in their business and personal lives, and received some truly great responses.

Relyco's REVLAR and TriDura papers are used in municipal, military, and scientific settings for a range of purposes from signs to field manuals, with that usage growing by leaps and bounds over the last two years.  Here are five of the most unique synthetic paper applications you'll ever read about, as told to us by some of our creative customers.

Carleton/Ontario University Marine Bio Uses Relyco REVLAR

Underwater Scientific Surveys

You expect REVLAR paper to stand up to rain and even being dunked in water, but a wetsuit-clad scientist writing notes in the ocean? That's exactly the use one marine laboratory in California has found for synthetic paper, as the lab uses the paper for SCUBA surveys of sea life and kelp forests on the Pacific coast. This is the first we've heard of active note-taking, though we have seen underwater marine life identification charts.


revlar waterproof paper wine tagsWine-Proof Tags 

Bonnie Chase Designs produced paper "wine tags" that fit snugly around wineglass stems for a Halloween party, but all it took was a few droplets or a larger accidental spill to soak and ruin them. Enter REVLAR synthetic paper, which Bonnie used to produce wine-proof versions of those same tags that were easy to craft and produce, but held up exceptionally well to a tipsy tilt of the glass. Yes, even dark red wines!

Football Playbooks

Brigham Young University is a perennial college football powerhouse, and they want their playbooks to be as durable as their players. They now use REVLAR to ensure their playbooks and info sheets are tear and weather-resistant, and to make sure their coaches can jot down notes and make changes to the gameplan on the fly from the sidelines.

REVLAR door hangerEmergency Door Hangers

These are no ordinary door hangers. Some 3,000 miles away from our HQ in Dover, New Hampshire, the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) uses custom-made synthetic paper warnings to hang on the doors of residents whenever there's a water shortage or issue, and they can do so knowing that neither wind nor rain is going to ruin them before the important messages are seen. That's critical in a setting when a phone call or mail notice often isn't feasible.


REVLAR synthetic papers have found a lot of uses as a durable lamination alternative for maps meant to be laid flat or mounted for reference, including on fishing boats, posted on trails, and in lodges. For maps on board fishing boats and on hiking trails, Tridura, meanwhile, can be easily folded and stuffed into a backpack, ensuring that their maps stay flexible and dry and no one has to worry about getting lost on a hike thanks to a soggy, unreadable map.

Want to learn more about synthetic paper applications, or share your creative uses with us? Contact us today!


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