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Changing the Advertising Game with Specialty Paper and White Toner

Synthetic Menus & White Toner

Imagine that you have been printing a restaurant menu every few months for the past year, and your customer wants to change the look of the menu. They want something attractive and eye-catching.

Try White or Metallic Toner on Specialty Paper

Back in the day, printers would make text stand out by reverse printing – taking what is normally a white background with a black print and printing it as a black background with a white print.

Today, print service providers are using new print engines that can lay down white toner, adding a “fifth station” to what has always been four-color printing.

This white toner adds a new dimension to a printed piece, making the images stand out. Since white toner on a white page won’t work, a colored or metallic background is needed. Flood coating an entire sheet on a digital engine uses a lot of toner and drives the “per piece” cost up. So we recommend using colored or metallic specialty paper.

Synthetic or Waterproof Menus Stand Up to Spills, Food, & Cleaning Products

Let’s use the menu as an example, and explore some options. Many restaurants, hotels, marinas, country clubs and the like have switched from paper menus to one that is printed on synthetics. Synthetics are durable, tear proof, waterproof, can be wiped down, used over and over, and hold up to spills, food particles and the occasional dip in the pool.

Since the menu is going to change frequently anyway, in addition to changing the meals, the menu could be changed to a colored media with white toner. Examples include a red menu with white toner for Valentine’s Day or a green menu with white toner for St Patrick’s Day.

With specialty media printed with unique toner combinations, your printed pieces take on a new dimension, bringing you new prospects and new opportunities for revenue within your existing customers.

Sample REVLAR Colors

*This blog post was originally published in January 2016, it was updated December 2022.

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