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Customer Story: How REVLAR Waterproof Paper Helped TRX Expand Their Business

TRX Business Supplies

TRX Business Supplies, a nationwide wholesaler of laser printers, toner and parts, has always been on the lookout for new and innovative products to offer its customers.

So when company President Allan Turk heard about synthetic waterproof paper, he was excited to discover the possible applications.

TRX Business Supplies now regularly stocks REVLAR waterproof paper and has received a great response from customers, including one Division 1 athletic department that was able to officially "sideline" its laminator.

Discovering a New Synthetic Paper Product

Founded in 2007, TRX Business Supplies has a long history of providing the full range of laser printer and printer-related products its customers need at discounted prices. The company is also committed to meeting its customers’ evolving requirements with new products.

This is why an email from Relyco about the availability of REVLAR waterproof paper—and the promise of a durable, weather-proof, tear-resistant paper—immediately caught Turk's attention.

Turk requested samples and tested the synthetic paper himself, running it through different types of laser printers and even submerging the paper in water to test that the ink wouldn’t smear or fade.

When the waterproof paper passed all his tests with flying colors, Turk ordered a supply and created sample kits for customers that included a range of paper sizes and thicknesses. He began bringing the kits with him to share with customers who might find it useful, starting with those in athletic departments at the colleges and universities he visited.

Waterproof Paper – 1, Laminator – 0

One athletic department at a Division 1 university in the Midwest was especially excited about the prospect of synthetic paper, since the football coach and his assistants routinely carried a laminator with them to away games.

Why would they do that? Football call sheets have to be updated frequently and the coaching staff relied on lamination to ensure that the pages could withstand the use and abuse typical on the sidelines on game day.

The availability of waterproof paper from TRX Business Supplies meant the team could generate durable, tear-resistant, sweat-proof pages without spending an hour or more on pre-game lamination.

REVLAR Opens the Door to New Opportunities—and Customers

TRX Business Supplies has also sold synthetic paper to customers in hospitality, retail and leisure markets, including waterparks where the waterproof paper is used to print signage and menus.

The company has also supplied the paper to green wholesalers, gardening supply companies, and greenhouses with great success.

“We traditionally offered our customers ink and toner compatible with printers across the entire range of manufacturers, and REVLAR from Relyco enabled us to expand our product offerings," Turk said. "We can now provide existing customers with a unique new product and approach prospective customers with a compelling story about the advantages of waterproof paper."

Want to try synthetic waterproof paper? Request free samples.

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