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FedEx and UPS Rates Rising: Save Money With Pressure Seal

Pressure Seal Shipping Just in time for the holiday season, both FedEx and UPS recently announced rate increases that will take effect between December 2015 and January 2016.

The companies said that shipping rates will go up about 4.9 percent because of increased costs, changing demand, and a number of other factors.

Bah humbug.

Shipping is an expensive, time-consuming, but essential part of many business operations. We at Relyco understand that, and we'd like to suggest another option for you.

Pressure Seal

What is pressure seal? Pressure seal eliminates the need for envelopes in your shipping process—as well as the need for any water, glue, or heat to seal said envelopes–as forms and checks are manufactured with a special coating that is activated during the sealing process.

Once the pressure seal form, check, or mail piece is printed (the paper is compatible with today's office laser printers), it can be fed into a pressure seal machine, which takes care of all of the folding and sealing, utilizing pressure that activates the special paper coating.

The machine completely seals the edges of the piece to create a ready-for-mail document.

Will It Really Save Me Money?

Yes, we did mention special paper and special equipment, so you may be thinking, "How is this pressure seal thing supposed to save me from the increased shipping costs?"

Believe it or not, a pressure seal system can cut your costs by eliminating envelope inventory and reducing man hours spent hand-stuffing envelopes. Pressure seal also substantially increases open rates, raising your overall return on investment.

Interested in learning more about pressure seal forms and equipment? Contact a Relyco representative today!

Download Pressure Seal White Paper

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