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GRAPH EXPO 2016: Explore the Possibilities of Print

GRAPH EXPO 2016 We're excited to see the best and brightest in the world of print when GRAPH EXPO 2016 kicks off in Orlando, Florida from September 25-28.

Visit the Relyco booth (#2857) and take a trip to Relyco City to explore how our huge range of products are used from industry to industry. Come discover the nearly limitless number of applications, across dozens of industries, that specialty paper can provide.

But before you buy your passes, follow this link and register to receive a free GRAPH EXPO 2016 pass from Relyco!

Below, you'll find just a few of our favorite specialty paper applications across several industries. Find yours and check them out! You may find that, with a little help from us, you already have options to grow and expand your business right at your fingertips. Still curious? You can check out the complete list of solutions, here.


Do you print for colleges, universities, or local high schools? Join us at GRAPH EXPO 2016 to explore how you can aid in their promotion of student, faculty and alumni programs. Popular products for the education industry include ID cards, REIMAGE carbonless laser paper, REVLAR waterproof paper, ULTRASEAL pressure seal self-mailers and DigiPOP digital packaging. These are often used to create parking passes, admission forms, signage, acceptance letters, and university-branded giveaways.


Our blank check stock, IRDs and ULTRASEAL self-mailers are all staples in the financial industry. This year at GRAPH EXPO, Relyco will also be showcasing its new Integrated Payment Solutions suite! Come learn about our electronic invoice data capture and workflow solutions, electronic business bill payment, and check writing software. All of these tools allow you and your customers to manage 100 percent of your invoice and payment processes.


The manufacturing industry is steady business for printers, and provides an easy opportunity to expand your portfolio. We offer durable labels, REVLAR labels, TriDura durable paper blue prints, and marine grade labels, as well as REVLAR for safety signage. The bottom line is that REVLAR is used in new and creative ways every day to fit the needs of the manufacturing industry.


Governments rely heavily on custom solutions like the ones Relyco provides. REVLAR, TriDura, REIMAGE and ULTRASEAL are frequently utilized, with applications and uses ranging from license plates to field manuals, to permits and fishing licenses, to utility bills and form labels.


The healthcare industry is all about security and consistency. Your industry customers are looking for products like wristbands that serve as patient identifiers, REVLAR that can be used as signage and medical charts, REIMAGE to seamlessly pass along sensitive data, security paper prescriptions pads, and hyper-secure medical results mailed using ULTRASEAL and ID card guest passes.


Creative retail businesses are always finding creative uses for specialty paper. TriDura mattress tags and REVLAR die cut plant wraps are just a couple of those unique applications, along with standard uses such as ID card coupons, low tack labels, and ULTRASEAL to mail promotions. Frankly, that's just the tip of the iceberg for retail.


Restaurants are fast-paced, chaotic and sometimes messy environments. That's why our durable and waterproof products are in high demand.

REVLAR and TriDura durable paper are the perfect solution for menus, log sheets, shelf wobblers, and other signage, while REIMAGE allows for seamless inventory tracking and vendor order forms.

Visit us at Relyco City in booth #2857 at GRAPH EXPO 2016 and learn how our solutions work in cities across America. Learn how we can help you Explore the Possibilities and grow your business by expanding your portfolio into realms you didn’t even know existed.

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