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Survey Shows Growing Opportunities for Print in Synthetic Paper Products

Synthetic-Paper-Applications Virtually indestructible, water- and tear-resistant synthetic papers are increasingly being used in the retail, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors. Many large-scale printers and mail houses are redesigning current business applications; changing old ways of doing business and adopting new, efficient, cost-effective procedures, including the use of durable products that are ideal for cost saving, on demand, and short run production.

REVLAR continues its strong growth in the specialty substrates available through Relyco. Demand increased by 26% between 2014 and 2015, making it Relyco’s top growth product. The 2016 projections are that its positive growth trends will continue.

In a recent survey that drew over 400 respondents, more than two-thirds said that it is important for their paper to be either waterproof or water resistant. In fact, an application's ability to stand up to water is so important, that 52% admitted to still laminating print applications to ensure durability. Durable-Paper-Uses The results show growing market opportunities for synthetic paper, particularly in the following fields:

Synthetic Paper Tags and Labels in Manufacturing

A surge in the production of labeling and tagging products is forecasted for the manufacturing industry, where printers can create company specific items just by changing the colors and wording on labels/tags. Another growth area is in manufacturing for product and owner’s manuals.

Durable Paper Sign Applications in Retail

Point-of-sale signs are ideally suited for Relyco’s vibrant colored REVLAR where eye-stopping color alerts customers to in-store special sale pricing. Another use for short run on demand printing is in-store one- or two-day specials. Shelf wobblers, end cap signs, indoor and outdoor equipment tags are expected to show growth as well.

Synthetic Paper in the Hospitality Industry

This field is wide open. There is a need for menus, tent cards, hotel notices, key cards, and activity lists to name a few. Event schedules, programs, and maps pinpointing local area attractions are another area where REVLAR is the perfect product for the application.

Military and Government Applications

REVLAR, available in small to large quantities, on rolls or flat sheets and in a wide spectrum of mil weights, is a prime substrate to be used in government project bids. Manuals, guides, ID cards and outdoor signage are among the top uses in this field.

And So Much More...

Board games, insurance cards, medical labeling, and signage are all foreseen as growth sectors for synthetic paper.

Wherever there is a need for a substrate that stands up to constant use and abuse, to weather fluctuations, to grease and chemicals, there will be a demand for REVLAR. Awareness of the product will filter down from the larger printing facilities, direct mail houses and design firms to the in-plants and smaller all-purpose print shops as customers demand better solutions. With its laser coated surface, high temperature tolerance and indestructible qualities, REVLAR will be the way to go.


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