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|Steph Oeser

Latest Happenings at RELYCO: A New Healthy Lifestyle Newsletter

What does health mean to you? What daily habits do you follow to maintain or better your own well-being? What goals are you setting to try and better your health? What lights you up inside?

These were questions posed by Katerina Steinberg and Stephanie Valpey in the inaugural edition of RELYCO’s Healthy Lifestyle Newsletter.

How it all got started

Kat and Steph began the newsletter earlier this year with the intention of it serving as an internal resource to share ideas and information. Kat and Steph both have a background in health and wellness; Kat is a certified yoga instructor and Steph is a certified holistic health coach. With a mutual interest and curiosity about all topics pertaining to health, they connected after Kat mentioned the idea of a newsletter during a health & wellness presentation at RELYCO’s all staff 2022 kick-off meeting in January.

Multidimensional health

Each month, Kat and Steph set a theme, solicit ideas, curate the content and design the layout. They do the bulk of the writing, with guest contributors welcome. Emphasis is placed on the idea that health is multidimensional, with many contributing factors that determine our overall health and well-being.

RELYCO team members are encouraged to read and contribute as much as they’d like. The goal is to expose our small community to some new ideas, and get folks thinking a little more deeply about different areas and priorities in their own lives.

According to Steph and Kat, “Health and wellness has become such a popular topic these days, and some aspects of health are more well known than others. With the wellness multidimensional model, it shows all aspects of health, not just one. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that personal health and well-being should be an important part of our lives. RELYCO aims to have resources available to help employees better themselves in any way possible, personally and professionally!”

Give it a read

So far, two editions of this newsletter have been published:

Check out the February edition, where Steph discusses mindset as a first step in your wellness journey, while Kat explores self care and the art of intention setting.

In the March edition about Relationships & Community, Steph Valpey covers how imbalances between external and internal relationships can lead to loneliness. Guest contributor Steph Oeser recommends a podcast and describes her personal experience listening to it during the isolation of COVID lockdowns, while Kat writes about community, and the essential human need to be seen, heard and understood.

What began as an idea for an internal resource has now transformed into something we’d like to share with our larger community. If you’re interested in following along with RELYCO’s Healthy Lifestyle Newsletter, we’ve decided to share highlights in the monthly newsletter we publish here. You can also sign up to receive the newsletter right in your inbox.

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