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How to Extend Your Business Printing Services to Existing Customers: Part 1

Extend Printing Services to Customers

Do your clients know about everything you have to offer in your print shop? Do they understand your full capabilities and how you can help them to stand out from the crowd?

Unless you do your job marketing your products and business printing services, your customers may not be aware of all the ways you can serve them.

In this quick post, we offer ideas to help you create more awareness for your existing customers so they don’t mistakenly take their business to another printer.

1. Visit Your Customers

Get off the phone and away from the computer! When you visit, bring samples of a finished product that you can leave behind for them to feel, touch and test. Before you leave, ask the client to show the product around the office to see what input others might have as to how the product can benefit the company.

2. Host an Open House Event

Create a mock-up of how clients might use a new product, complete with a production timeline and cost. Then schedule an open house event to showcase how the new products can benefit them. Since most customers are looking to you for creative ideas, this is a great way to meet that need. Plus, who doesn’t like social events with free appetizers and fun print ideas?

3. Communicate More Often

Consider producing a monthly email newsletter showcasing all the new products you have used in the preceding month, and just what you have printed on them. Be prepared for requests for private demos or product samples.

4. Listen

How will you ultimately determine what your customers really want? Listen intently to their goals, to their pain and to their needs. Then follow through and show that not only were you listening, but you were hearing as well, thereby creating a relationship based on putting the customer’s concerns first.

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