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How to Prevent Check Fraud (Part 5): Work With a Trusted Advisor

Check Fraud AdvisorIn the last installment of our webinar series, “The Five Most Important Ways to Protect Your Business Against Check Fraud,” we’re discussing the importance of working with a trusted advisor. Click the video to watch our final tip or read the transcript below. Don't forget to check out part one, part two, part three and part four. Contact Relyco with any questions.

How to Prevent Check Fraud (Part 5): Work With a Trusted Advisor

With fraud so prevalent, you need to have confidence not only in the vendor your are working with, but the products as well. Secure checks are Relyco’s flagship product and we have spent the last 26 years continuing our research of fraud prevention to protect our customers.


Keith Zub: So number five. Relyco, you know, we're a pioneer in this. We've been in it since 1989. We are on the ANSI committee. The ANSI committee sets the standard for check processing.

We work on the boards with the likes of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc., and every year, going to these conferences to make sure that Relyco as a company, and Joanie and myself, and the employees here are up to speed on anything new with check processing, and we make sure that our checks are proper.

Now I remember with the void-less window, people were sending us files to get something printed. We’d say, “well we have to take this out,” and they’d tell us, “well we don’t want you to touch the 'void.'” We said, “well you know, it can’t be in the window anymore because the postal requirements are that it can’t be there."

Joni van Gelder: And what about the convenience amount rectangle, the area around where your printed amount goes on your checks? That also has to be free of “void” or any, what they would call, extraneous information.

Keith: Yup!

Joni: And when we changed our checks and made that area lighter, we got a lot of questions because people would call and they would say, “you know your ink’s not right, it’s really faint over here.” But there’s a reason for that, that’s to allow the bank reader to pick everything up.

And what we do is we actually make the target window much larger than the standard really requires. And we do that because every software is a little different, and every printer has its own little print path. So the larger window gives you an easier range to hit.

Keith: And then so, you know, we talked about the ANSI committee, and of course, our combined experience of over 100 years of check security and customer service.

Joni: And that’s just Keith!

Keith: Well, that’s just Joni and I! Right? Together? Yeesh! Imagine if they could see us they’d say, “wow they’ve been around forever.”

Joni: Well, most of our employees have been here a really long time, if you think about it. All kidding aside, we have employees here that have been here 12 years, 15 years, 20 years. So, there’s a lot of experience here that’s here for you to take advantage of. And then to get that support.

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