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How to Prevent Outdoor Signage Breakdown with Synthetic Paper

Prevent Outdoor Signage Breakdown Synthetic Paper Outdoor signs and banners are only as useful as their readability. If you've ever printed signs on products that end up deteriorating in changing environmental conditions or fading through exposure to sunlight, you know the frustration of having to reprint every few weeks.

When seasonal organizations like nurseries or landscaping companies want to promote specials on outdoor banners, or on signs on their sales lots, they need a product that will hold up to all environmental conditions without tearing or fading.

Enter synthetic paper. With the right substrates on hand, you can print your own outdoor signage that will stand up to whatever Mother Nature has to offer. But before we dive into our favorite synthetic paper (we'll give you one guess), we'll discuss a few of the most common outdoor signage applications.

Synthetic Paper Signage for Retail Stores

Companies who maintain large inventories of products or equipment in outdoor areas and retail establishments who use outdoor signage to draw customers into their stores need synthetic paper options to advertise their specials outside.

  • Tags hanging on snowblowers outside the neighborhood hardware store during the middle of winter need to be legible.
  • Sandwich boards strategically placed in busy parking lots at a local mall can beckon customers inside to check out the advertised specials.

Synthetic Paper Signage for Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities which rely on outdoor signage to post maps, rules, and amenities need to make sure their outdoor signage is both bright and durable.

  • Water safety rules hanging off the life guard station on a beach in the middle of summer need to hold their color and not bubble, peel or melt in the hot Florida sun.
  • Trail markers in a densely forested national park must help guide hikers safely to their destinations.

So how do you prevent those signs from fading, tearing or just plain dissolving in the elements?

What's the Best Synthetic Paper for the Job?

You can't go wrong with any of RELYCO’s REVLAR products. This water- and tear-resistant synthetic paper can be printed on by most laser and digital printers on the market today. So in order to prevent fading and deterioration of outdoor signage, all you need to do is print on RELYCO’s REVLAR.

Sample REVLAR Colors

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