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How Inkjet Printing Has Fueled Growth In The Print Industry

Inkjet Printing We are all living in the age of the inkjet printer, and for print shops looking to cut costs and expand their business, it's a great time to be alive.

As GRAPH EXPO illustrated (and every look at the print industry over the last decade has told us) inkjet has been a blessing for those who make their living through print. Here, we'll take a closer look at where inkjet printing is, and the growth we still see in the future.

Inkjet's Moment

Over the past ten years inkjet printing has seen incredible growth within the billion dollar print industry. Over the past ten years, the production of roll-fed inkjet print engines has seen massive increases, in both color and black and white models. The popularity of these machines is no mystery to anyone who uses them, as they’re cheap and offer a versatile array of printing options.

Inkjet arrived at the right time, as print advertisers need highly customizable print ads to reach their desired audiences. Studies have found that 84% of consumers are more likely to open a direct mail advertisement if it is customized to them specifically, but only 27% are receiving this type of advertisements. The age of the print ad is not gone, in other words, but customization is the key to making them appealing.

Inkjet printing offers a low-cost option for high quality, personalized advertisements, making inkjet increasingly appealing to businesses looking to reach their markets at a low cost. It costs less than 5 cents per letter-sized page, on average, in colored ink to print through a roll-fed printer. Ink has been winning the battle for consumption over toner for quite some time. Around 2008, according to InfoTrends, toner started to stagnate as ink continued to rise, which demonstrates a growing demand for the cost-effective printing option.

The Future of Inkjet

As the market grows to demand higher quality, the need for high-end print materials continues to increase. The print industry is projected to grow from $8.7 billion to $13.1 billion from 2015 to 2020, a tremendous rise and a testament to the future of printing, even in today's digital landscape. This is good news for the sustainability of print shops. As technology advances, the prices for inkjet will decrease due to the shift from roll-fed toward roll-to-cut.

Overall, the value of inkjet services and shipments are projected to increase 10.8%. With inkjet printing making it possible for print shops to handle large jobs without major cost investments, now is the time to embrace the customization your customers want, and reap the revenue you're looking for.

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