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|Steph Oeser

This Month with Bruce - March 2022

In January, I shared how the pandemic led to us asking ourselves big questions about the direction of our company, and the steps we’re taking to achieve new objectives. This month, I’d like to delve a little deeper into how the pandemic’s impact on individuals has changed our company’s approach as well.

Work / life balance shift

I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t done at least a little bit of soul-searching during the pandemic. The disruption to our daily lives encouraged introspection and reevaluation of work/life balance. Mindsets shifted, with employees prioritizing family, mental health and healthier habits.

To learn a bit more about this, I recommend taking a look at this article from Fortune: “To fight the Great Resignation, businesses need more empathy-driven innovation.”

I’m not claiming to be an expert at this, but I can share what we’ve been doing at RELYCO. My goal is to create an environment that is fun, where people can thrive and where they want to be. After what we’ve all been through over the last two years, I know that includes addressing people’s emotional states and meeting them where they’re at.

Fortunately, the pandemic appears to be moving in a more positive direction, with mandates and restrictions being lifted. This has created a feeling of optimism on our team at just the right time to embrace change and growth.

Sometimes the progress feels slow, but we’re all learning as we go, including me. We’re striving to create more forums for open dialogue with our team. By providing various access points, we’re aiming to reach everyone.

Here are some of the things we’re doing:

  • We’re surveying our team often to “check their temperature” and see how things are feeling. Those survey results drive our next steps.
  • An internal health newsletter just started up last month. This “healthy focus” joins the bi-weekly yoga sessions we offer for any team member who wants to join.
  • Our employee-run “Fun Committee” has really stepped up in the last few months. They host optional events and activities each month that keep us all laughing, and give us positive stuff to look forward to.
  • I host an informal Coffee with Bruce one-on-one meeting with every member of the company every few months. It’s a great way to catch up and learn what’s on people’s minds - about work, life or whatever!
  • After over 15 months at home, we went back to the office 10 months ago and introduced a hybrid work schedule, which allows for both in-person and remote work.

With most of the examples I just gave, we didn’t necessarily hit it out of the park with our first effort. It took just trying something, gathering feedback and then trying again. Everything is a work in progress, and we are moving in the right direction.

Is your company taking this employee-focused approach? What has worked (or not worked) for your business? I’d like to hear your ideas. Reach out to me at

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