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REVLAR Durable Paper Case Study: Food Service Training Materials for Jack in the Box

REVLAR Jack in the BoxIn an effort to control costs and increase efficiency, San Diego-based restaurant chain Jack in the Box Inc. needed a durable paper that would allow them to create job aids and training materials for new product rollouts, without the need for lamination. After the successful testing of REVLAR waterproof paper on their Ricoh production color printer, Jack in the Box now prints 1,000 job aids a month.
  • Production time was reduced by 75%
  • Jack in the Box was able to save $4,500 in one quarter by using REVLAR instead of laminating

Challenges: Lamination Cost Extra Time and Money

Time was critical in getting training materials and job aids for new products into employee hands. Prior to adopting REVLAR for their materials, Jack in the Box was having the products printed at their document and communications center using the Ricoh Pro651EX color production system and the Ricoh 1107EX digital imaging system for black and white printing.

The materials were then sent to a third-party vendor for lamination, a process taking an additional three to four working days.

Once in the field, the aids had to stand up to constant day-to-day use by employees. Nasir Jagers, site manager for the document and communications center, needed to find a way to produce them more quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining the same level of quality and durability as the laminated product.

How REVLAR Durable Paper Helped

In a field test with samples provided by Relyco, 500 job aids were printed to be tested in restaurants in the Las Vegas region. They were printed eight-up on 11” x 17” sheets and cut to size on a hydraulic cutter. Overall results showed no static build up or paper jams, excellent ink adherence and pages that cut smoothly without dulling the cutter blade.

Following the successful test, training materials printed on REVLAR were used in a system-wide rollout of a new product. The food chain is now producing about 1,000 job aids a month in just one day without the need to laminate, saving time and money.

“It was apparent from an initial review that REVLAR was the most cost-effective solution available, but the most critical question we had for all the vendors we considered was whether their paper would work with our Ricoh digital printers. Relyco was able to confirm that REVLAR would be fully compatible with our systems. There was no static build up, which had been a major concern; the paper didn’t jam; the ink adhered exactly as expected; and the pages cut smoothly without dulling the blade on the cutter.” – Nasir Jagers, Ricoh Site Manager, Jack in the Box

Time Reduction and Savings

The overall results for Jack in the Box were primarily a 75% reduction in production time, a $4,500 quarterly savings, and a high-quality durable product.

Nasir Jagers, site manager for the document and communications center, and the fulfillment center for Jack in the Box, is looking into other applications they might have for REVLAR.

Key Takeaways

REVLAR waterproof paper is a popular and economical product for restaurants and various industries where printed applications will be subjected to frequent handling, exposed to chemicals, high temperatures, and of course: water. For printer manufacturers like Ricoh who have managed centers within large organizations, REVLAR is approved to run on production printers and offers a wide variety of applications that can be printed in-house, saving the parent company significant time and money.

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