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The Ventura Group Eliminates Laminating with REVLAR Waterproof Paper

Ventura Group Uses REVLAR Waterproof Paper The Ventura Group operates the Association for Advanced Training in Behavioral Sciences and The Connecting Link (graduate level courses for teachers K-12) owned by the Education Management Corporation (EDMC), one of the largest providers of post-secondary education in North America.

One of the functions of The Ventura Group is to print the textbooks, study aids, and other materials used by the students who take advantage of the education and training services provided by its companies. Printing Production Manager Spiro Manos was looking for a way to improve the lamination process used with the multipage memory aids his team produced. “I was considering investing in a faster lamination machine when I received an email about REVLAR, and I began thinking that waterproof paper might be a viable option to lamination,”

Manos said. Manos ordered a small supply of REVLAR from RELYCO and put the paper through its paces. “We printed, drilled, cut, folded, and scored the REVLAR as part of our first test. The product performed well and the quality was obvious; the competitive solution didn’t even come close,” Manos notes. “Next, we tested REVLAR in production by printing 100 sets of memory aids, cutting them down to size, and then collating them. The resolution and color were excellent and the readability was ideal for the type of study material. We also found that the durability was better than we had expected and probably even more than was needed—though a higher level of durability in something that is handled frequently is always an advantage.”

For the employees on Manos’s team who had been responsible for the lamination process, REVLAR proved to be a real time saver. “I’d estimate that using REVLAR saves us at least 80 percent labor time, which frees up one employee to work on other projects,” Manos says. “While I had originally been concerned about the added material costs, my business manager did a comparison and discovered that it was more cost effective to use REVLAR than lamination. And, the improvement in employee satisfaction thanks to REVLAR doesn’t hurt either.”

To read the complete customer story about how The Ventura Group is using REVLAR, click here.

For more information about Relyco’s durable synthetic waterproof paper, visit REVLAR on our website, call us at 800.777.7359 or Email us.

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