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What to Do When Your Trusted Business Printing Supplier Files for Bankruptcy

Your Print Shop Supplier When the game changes, what do you do?

As more traditional print providers are feeling competition from digital solutions, some older, respected companies find themselves considering shutting down some operations or closing entire divisions. When that happens, what do you do, as a customer of their products and services?

For years you've purchased secure documents, printers, software and MICR toner from a specific company. You have a great relationship with your rep there, and now the future of that company may be in jeopardy. You hate to see the decline of a trusted supplier, but you need to maintain a reliable source of business printing supplies.

How to Deal With the Loss of a Trusted Supplier

First of all, look around you. There are other companies just as well qualified to take care of you and to give you the service you need. You can reach out and explore how a new relationship will work for you.
  • Do the supplier options you are considering provide the same or similar products?
  • Have they established themselves in the field as not only reliable, but exceptional companies to work with?
  • Are they strong enough financially and forward looking enough to avoid placing you in the same situation you find yourself in today?

You won’t know if you don’t call and discuss it with them.

How to Prepare for the Transition to a New Supplier

One of the first things you’ll need to do to prepare for your transition is to document all of the supplies you currently use.

Take a detailed inventory of the products you’ll need, including brand names and part or order numbers, if possible. Giving your new provider as clear a picture as possible of your current needs will make the transition easier.

Your Research Begins With a Phone Call

Not every company out there can provide you with all the products you need, but there are definitely some that can do that and more. Do you need secure check stock, tax forms, printers and MICR toner, software, etc.?

Browsing potential supplier's websites is a simple first step in determining if they'll meet your needs, but seeing what is available online only goes so far to establish a relationship of confidence and trust.

Questions to Ask Potential New Business Printing Suppliers

When it's time to make the decision to switch, you'll want to get on the phone to find answers to the following questions:
  • What kind of service will the new company provide for you?
  • What is the background and expertise of the sales reps?
  • What is the company’s reputation for delivering quality products, on time and price effectively?
  • How has the company kept up with growing trends in the business?

These are all important questions to ask when seeking a new supplier. To get answers, just give RELYCO a call and discuss your concerns with one of our experienced advisors. Relyco has been here for 26 years providing business printing solutions for thousands of companies worldwide.

Print Plus Digital Ensures Longevity

As we have foreseen the declining need for print products in the last decade, we have moved ahead of the curve into the digital world, but we haven’t abandoned the print component of our products.

While the demand for print products like checks, secure documents, and tax forms has diminished somewhat, it has not gone away, nor do we expect it to do so in the near future.

So just be aware that we are here, ready to help you keep your business running at its normal pace. Reach out or call and let us show you what we can do: 800.777.7359.

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