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|Steph Oeser

When Bigger is Better: Redefine Your Printing with Wide Format Media

As you may have heard, we recently expanded our specialty media offerings to include wide format rolls for inkjet imaging.

For many of the print operations that we work with, from in-plant printers to commercial printers, we hear a consistent message: you only need enough for the job at hand.

Get only what you need

We’ve heard you loud and clear, which is why we chose to partner with Sihl. Through that partnership, we’re able to quickly ship you high-quality rolls with lengths ranging from 40’ to 200’. Those sizes are designed to last for just a couple of applications, that way you don’t get stuck storing a huge roll. (Or paying for more than you need!)

Give your customer options

Whether your customer is someone who walked into your shop off the street, or a different department in your company, their needs will frame the solutions you’ll offer. How durable does the piece need to be? Does it have any unique design features? Will it be displayed indoors or outdoors? Will it be handled often? What kind of lifespan should it have?

Understanding how these materials vary allows you to differentiate your options. Don’t just offer the same old thing - be open and flexible. There may be a better option out there for your customer's specific project! We offer a variety of sample options (swatchbooks, 5” x 7” printed samples, test rolls, etc.) to help you and your customer determine the very best fit for the job.

Printer compatibility & applications

We offer wide format media that is compatible with aqueous, UV, latex, PageWide and solvent inkjet printers.

Wide Format Compatibility Icons

Stay one step ahead and anticipate your customers’ needs by thinking of wide format solutions before they even ask for them. Here are some wide format application ideas that might get those creative wheels turning:

  • Indoor/outdoor advertising
  • Construction signs
  • High quality photo reproductions
  • Promotional signage
  • Retail signage
  • Point of purchase signs
  • Rolls up for trainings, trade shows & traveling seminars
  • Backlit media for theaters, casinos & beverage distributors
  • Non-slip floor graphics
Wide Format Applications

Check out our wide format catalog to see our current options. Get ready for more to be added very soon!

Wide Format Catalog

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