Temporary License Plates

For most states, the use of synthetic paper helps optimize durability, security and readability during the temporary plate time period.

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This is a movement that continues to gain momentum. States are shifting from small stickers, notices and dealer logo placards to temporary license plates while the owner waits for permanent plates. These plates are printed on-demand right at the dealer. They incorporate a number of owner identification and security features to aid regulatory efforts. For numerous reasons, synthetic paper has become the material of choice for this application.

Why temporary license plates?

The intent is to assist law enforcement and parking/toll agencies in identifying vehicles driven without license plates. The addition of security codes embedded on these plates also makes them difficult to counterfeit.

Small stickers and notices can’t be photographed or read from a distance. Dealer logo plates make the vehicles untraceable. This makes it nearly impossible for law enforcement to identify drivers, which is especially problematic in instances of hit-and-runs. Beyond the public safety concern, states also experience revenue loss when these vehicles pass through electronic toll readers.

Synthetic paper is the material of choice

For most states, the use of synthetic paper helps optimize durability and readability during the temporary plate time period. Some dealers began by using cardstock or cardboard for their temporary plates. But they quickly discovered that the layers of paper started to flake off with moisture exposure, damaging the printed numbers and barcodes beyond recognition. Synthetic paper solves these problems because is it weatherproof, tear-proof, waterproof, fade-resistant and tolerant of high and low temperatures.

Temporary plate on cardstock

Temporary plate on REVLAR synthetic paper

REVLAR is the best synthetic paper

This unique and innovative paper not only offers all of the benefits of synthetic paper, but it is also easily printable on laser or inkjet printers. REVLAR allows you to select the best option in terms of materials, thicknesses and coatings. There are options for automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, watercraft and recreational vehicles.

With REVLAR, you can incorporate overt & covert security features – watermarks, barcodes, QR codes, holograms, etc. – to ensure compatibility with open road tolling and electronic readers. And we offer several template options and even perforations if you want the buyer to keep specific information after removing the plate.

Experience can mean a lot

We’re now involved with California in their efforts to transition to temporary plates, and we have supplied solutions to dealers in Texas and Nevada for years. We have even worked directly with the Nevada DMV to set up a special purchasing program for their dealers. So we’re very familiar with what’s required. Count on us to help you.

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