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|Steph Oeser

How RELYCO Became the Provider for Nevada's Temporary DMV License Plate

Nevada DMV License Plate Our latest case study features the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and dealerships across Nevada. Ted Imfeld of the Management Services & Programs Division at the NDMV said he began researching a waterproof solution for the state’s temporary vehicle license plates in 2014. They needed a durable synthetic paper that could be easily printed on, but would also stand up to Nevada’s snowy winters and swirling summer sands. Additionally, dealerships across Nevada had to be able to place orders for this temporary DMV license plate on an as-needed basis.

Service Sets RELYCO Apart

Imfeld's research led him to three durable paper providers. According to Imfeld, the key differentiator for RELYCO was service. He worked with RELYCO Sales Representative Kim Dixon and was very impressed:

"Kim Dixon and everyone at RELYCO just took a huge weight off of my back. The need arose before we were involved with RELYCO, but they came along and filled the need really well. I can’t thank Kim enough, or give her enough praise for that."

RELYCO has always prided itself on our company's dedication to customer service, so it was wonderful to hear from Imfeld that our service set us apart from the competition. Ultimately, we created a special purchasing program for Nevada dealers to place their orders for the temporary DMV license plate. Now all temporary plates in Nevada are printed on RELYCO's waterproof, tear-proof REVLAR synthetic paper. We have shipped out 1.5 million plates to Nevada dealers thus far!

The Benefits for Nevada:

  • The plates are easily trackable for law enforcement, allowing police to figure out who is (and who should be) driving every vehicle with a temporary placard
  • Durable temporary license plates that can withstand Nevada's weather
  • Cost and time defrayed for the Nevada DMV because RELYCO works with and ships directly to dealerships
  • Dealerships have access to quick orders and shipping to handle the approximately 25,000 new vehicles sold every month in the state

Click here to read more about how RELYCO makes registering vehicles easier—and better—for the state’s DMV and dealerships across Nevada. If you’re interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or below. We’d love to chat with you about your options with various templates, materials and coatings. We will even send you some samples if you like.

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