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GSA Contract #47QSEA23D002U

RELYCO's New GSA Schedule Contract

RELYCO's New GSA Schedule Contract

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news. Following a successful twenty-year contract, we are glad to announce that the Federal Government asked us to renew our GSA Schedule Contract. We now have a new five-year contract with three additional five-year terms. This renewal signifies the trust and confidence they have placed in our organization.

RELYCO is a certified Federal contractor on GSA Contract #47QSEA23D002U

Not familiar with the process?

To broadly summarize a complicated process: government agencies and departments (federal purchasers) have purchasing programs, regulations and requirements they need to adhere to when making purchasing decisions. GSA schedules allow those purchasers to easily access commercial supplies and services that have already been vetted and approved. To acquire a GSA schedule contract, commercial companies go through an application process. Commercial companies with contracts provide products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government. You can learn more about what is involved on the GSA website.

How our products are used

We sell a wide variety of products within the Federal Government. One example is REVLAR tear-proof paper; all branches of the military currently use REVLAR for manuals, signs and other mission-critical documents.

Take a look at our curated catalog to see all the products we’re able to offer in our contract.

State & local governments

We don’t just serve the Federal Government, we also work with state and local governments. Our checks and envelopes are utilized by state treasuries for reimbursement checks, for example. We also provide the material for temporary license plates and hanging handicapped parking passes to several states.

A renewed commitment

The renewal of our GSA contract is a result of the collective efforts, dedication and achievements of our entire team. Over the past twenty years, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality services and solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Federal Government. This contract renewal validates our expertise, reliability and the value we bring to the table. We’re excited to see what the next twenty years hold!

Vendor partnership

If your business has interest in pursuing a contract with the Federal Government, but you’ve found it’s too much administrative work, consider partnering with us. We’re always happy to chat with other vendors about potential partnerships.



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