Printable Temporary License Plates

As more states move to tighten temporary plate regulations and incorporate security features to prevent fraud, dealers and DMVs are searching for the perfect new plate material. They have found it with REVLAR!

Government Temporary Plate

California has recently joined a long list of states that require temporary license plates when a car is purchased or leased from a dealer. In states where temporary license plates are not regulated or required, newly purchased cars might only display a small sticker, notice of sale or dealer logo placard while waiting for permanent plates.

Why are temporary license plates important?

Small stickers and notices can’t be photographed or read from a distance. Dealer logo plates make the vehicles untraceable. This makes it nearly impossible for law enforcement to identify drivers, which is especially problematic in instances of hit-and-runs. Beyond the public safety concern, states also experience revenue loss when these vehicles pass through electronic toll readers. California estimates that it lost out on $15 million annually through toll evasion.

To address these concerns, more counties and states are moving to tighten temporary plate regulations and incorporate security features. Dealers must adhere to new local requirements, which sends them on a search for plate materials.

What materials are used?

Some dealers start off by electing to use cardstock or cardboard for their plates. That kind of material might hold up for a few days, but, over time, the elements are going to take their toll. Layers of the paper will start to flake off with moisture exposure, potentially damaging the printed numbers or barcodes on the plates beyond recognition. This means bad news for the dealer who was responsible for issuing the plate.

Temporary License Plate REVLAR vs cardstock

To completely avoid this issue, some dealers use synthetic paper. Why? Synthetic paper is tough:

Synthetic Paper Attribute icons

Once you have a truly durable temporary plate, you no longer need to worry about it lasting to its expiration date.

REVLAR is your choice

With plates made from our REVLAR synthetic paper, you have even more options:

  • Laser printable or inkjet printable versions
  • Choices in terms of materials, thicknesses and coatings
  • Options for cars, motorcycles, trailers, watercraft & recreational vehicles
  • Ability to incorporate overt & covert security features, such as:
    • Watermarks
    • Holograms
    • QR codes
    • Barcodes
  • Compatibility with open road tolling and electronic readers
  • Recycle as a #1 plastic
  • Perforations: so you can include information on the perimeter that you want the buyer to keep after tearing out the plate

Our experience with plates

We’re just getting started in California, but we’ve supplied temporary plates to dealers in Texas and Nevada for years. We have several templates available:

REVLAR Temporary Plate Templates

We actually worked directly with the Nevada DMV to set up a special purchasing program for their dealers. So we’re very familiar with what’s required!

If you’re interested in checking out our temporary license plates, click here or below. We’d love to chat with you about your options with various templates, materials and coatings. We will even send you some free samples if you like.

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