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3 Sensitive Mail Items Banks Should Never Send in Envelopes

Pressure-Seal-Printing While traditional mail may seem like the least technologically-advanced of the many methods of communication we have at our disposal today, it's still an incredibly important part of how we send, receive, and protect sensitive or vulnerable information—most often information related to money.

The banking industry still sends a huge amount of mail to customers each year, including account notices and checks. All of these mailings include sensitive account information that, in the wrong hands, could lead to identity theft.

So how do we protect that information? According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, identity theft is America's fastest-growing crime, with more than 9.9 million Americans victimized last year. Now, only four percent of identity theft victims cited stolen mail as the source of their used personal information, but that's still almost 400,000 people.

Prevent your customers from becoming identity theft victims. Read on to learn about which mail items are most vulnerable and how to protect them.

Vulnerable Mail Items

Checks, overdraft notices, and PIN notices are among the most vulnerable mail items sent from banks, because they contain the information necessary to access a customer's account. Often these items are sent in window envelopes, which aren't necessarily unsafe in and of themselves, but can alert would-be thieves to the importance of the contents.

How do you mail something that is not in an envelope? With pressure seal technology.

How to Protect Mail Items With Pressure Seal

The pressure seal mailer is a one-piece document printed, folded, sealed, and mailed ensuring the confidentiality of the contents. Pressure seal mailers are available as stock or custom items, and some are printed on special security papers with block-out panels to further protect the content.

Pressure seal forms are also processed through special equipment designed to protect, fold, and seal the documents, actually protecting the content even from the operator.

Additionally, using pressure seal mailers will increase the likelihood of the forms being opened and responded to. By using pressure seal forms, banks are demonstrating that they are taking the extra step to safeguard customers’ privacy, and customers will appreciate the bank’s efforts on their behalf. That appreciation tends to create a greater customer loyalty.

Relyco's Pressure Seal Solutions

Relyco has a wide range of pressure seal check stock with a variety of security features that is always available to ship.

We also have blank stock that can be used to send confidential messages to customers. We also are capable of creating custom forms, allowing banks to create confidential documents for any purpose.

For additional information on pressure seal forms and equipment, give us a call and speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative.

Download Pressure Seal White Paper

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