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|Steph Oeser

8 Great Bar Menu Design Ideas Using Waterproof Paper

When designing menus, bars, pubs, and cocktail lounges all have to consider the spills that will inevitably happen. If you decide to print your menus on standard paper, those menus will need to be tossed if they get wet, sticky or soiled. It's a waste of time, money and resources. But if menus are initially printed on waterproof paper, they can simply be wiped down with a wet cloth and reused after a spill.

Your Design Will Still Shine

There's no need to fear that making the transition to a waterproof material will mean that you need to compromise on design. That presumption couldn't be further from the truth. You can still design your menus however you want! Drink menus can be really fun. They're often smaller than a full-sized restaurant menu - at just one page or less - which means that their design and layout can be all the more unique. If you're feeling stuck on design or just want to see some examples, we've got you covered. Here are eight bar menu design ideas to inspire you!

bar menu design ideasMenus for Restaurants With Bars

The bright yellow waterproof menu is for a restaurant near a beach that has an outdoor deck/patio bar open in the summer. The colors and design definitely fit that atmosphere, right?

The Blue Latitudes menu's design is simple and crisp. These white menus stand out nicely against the copper covered high table tops and bar.

Hazel House has a quiet cocktail lounge attached to their fine dining area. The neutral, muted colors reflect the up-scale nature of the establishment, while the pops of color make their drink images come alive.

bar menu design ideasMenus for Late Night Bars

Wineries and breweries sometimes open up later at night for tastings and flights. The Wine Bar menu is designed to be elegant and eye-catching. It sits atop a wine barrel next to where tastings are poured. On the other hand, the brewery designed a smaller menu because they wanted to be able to tuck it between the glasses on each flight paddle.

The Night Cap Bar menu is an example of a pre-scored menu. It looks classic, without looking pretentious. It matches the exclusive, yet welcoming feel that you get when you walk into your neighborhood cocktail lounge.

bar menu design ideasMenus for Urban Daytime Spots

The juice bar menu illustrates their fresh, healthy drinks through their use of color on their menu. While a hipster coffee bar utilizes a black waterproof paper to create a chalkboard vibe. Menus are attached to wooden slabs with elastic bands for utility and to convey that we-just-threw-this-together look.

 All of these waterproof menus can be printed on a dry toner laser printer. It's just as easy to print on waterproof paper as it is to print on standard paper. There's no reason that you can't design a really special menu on waterproof paper.

We hope these bar menu design ideas have sparked some ideas for you! Remember, the key is to utilize colors and design to create menus that are unique and reflective of your space.

We have a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors available for waterproof menus on our REVLAR waterproof paper. Click here or on the button below to learn more about waterproof menus with our free guide!


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