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Benefits of Carbonless Laser Paper

Benefits of carbonless paper

Unlike traditional carbonless paper, carbonless laser paper is designed specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers. How? The imaging capsules that coat one side of carbonless laser paper are not solvent-based, so they cause no damage to the internal components of the printer, unlike traditional solvent-based carbonless paper.

Carbonless laser paper can be very cost effective. On average, more than 30 percent of preprinted traditional carbonless forms are discarded within six to 12 months due to obsolescence or a change in the form or business process. Carbonless laser paper solutions eliminate waste because the forms can be customized and printed if and when they’re needed.

Other advantages of Carbonless Laser Paper include:

  • Speed -- Allows user to create multi-part forms instantly.
  • Accuracy -- Eliminates transcription errors.
  • Security -- Prevents alteration; any change to a copy is instantly evident.
  • Clarity -- Provides a sharp copy image.
  • Clean -- Prevents text image from smearing or rubbing off.
  • Versatile -- Enables reverse printing or color coding to suit business needs.
  • Cost-effective -- Allows user to print only what is needed and avoid costly changes.

    To learn more about REIMAGE carbonless laser paper, call us at 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

    Reimage Sample Request *This post was originally published in July 2011. It has been updated in May 2019.

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