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Healthcare Print Ads and Other Printing Opportunities in the Medical Industry

Print Marketing HealthcareWhat makes the healthcare industry such an important prospect for print service providers? The fact that some of the largest companies in the industry spend an average of $16 million a year on communications. So what does this mean for you? Opportunity!

How to Serve Your Healthcare Print Clients

InfoTrends research found that large healthcare organizations spend about $5 million a year on print. Meanwhile, small and medium sized healthcare firms had an average annual spend of $51,271 on all forms of marketing and healthcare print ads.

Providers who can anticipate the trends and advise their customers of the best way to move forward to bring their message to their clients are going to be the winners in the provider game.

To succeed in treating, diagnosing, curing and preventing illness, the medical facilities have to depend on efficient operations, cost controls and strong communications to educate their customers, drive new business and fund operations.

Types of Healthcare Communications Utilizing Print

Just the daily business of managing care, preventing illness and attracting new customers is extremely communications intensive. Healthcare practitioners need to issue reminder notices, send educational materials and produce billing and statement materials, just to list items at the tip of the communications iceburg.

The need for digital printing in the industry spans all sectors including the key segments of prevention, provider selection, diagnosis/treatment and follow-up. Those areas alone rely heavily on printed products such as brochures, flyers, postcards, countless types of forms, treatment plans, patient letters and more.

Communications Budgets Go to Healthcare Print Ads & Identity

According to the InfoTrend study, print accounted for 37% of the communication spending of the large organizations. The study found that promotional print used the largest share of the communications budget, followed by business identity items and mass media advertising.

Within those budgets, opportunities abound for production of statements/invoices, checks, pressure seal forms and laser carbonless forms. There is a strong need for printed marketing materials to educate patients and printed materials such as brochures, flyers, direct mail and postcards to market healthcare services.

Personalization in Print

The use of digital printing offers customers the benefit of on-demand print production, eliminating waste and the need for material storage. Additionally, it enables healthcare providers to personalize communication materials for individual recipients through variable data printing (VDP). According to respondents of the survey, 66% of all communication/marketing campaigns are trending to a more personalized approach.

Communication decision-makers in the industry are placing more value on a provider’s ability to offer a broad range of services/capabilities and competitive pricing. But the key to winning a particular healthcare provider’s business is identifying and meeting with the right decision-maker and budget authority.


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