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How to Choose the Right Pressure Seal Forms for Your Application

Pressure Seal Form Folds Ordering pressure seal forms for the first time, or for a new machine, can be a confusing, trial-by-error process. But it doesn’t have to be. There are just a few questions you need to resolve to figure out what pressure seal stock to order:

  • What fold format do you need for your planned application?
  • What size forms can your pressure seal machine process?
  • Do you have a simplex (one-sided) or duplex (two-sided) printer?
  • Can you use off-the-shelf pressure seal forms or should you order a custom solution?

    So, how do you know what to order? We’ll go through the list above.

    What Fold Format Do You Need?

    • Checks: 8 ½” x 11” Z-fold is the most commonly used pressure seal form for check stock, and is available in a variety of colors and security features.

    • Tax Forms: If you are sending tax forms, you’ll want to choose either the 11” V-fold or the 14” uneven Z-fold. Availability is limited to the most commonly used formats, but by using your specific tax form software, you can print just about any form on the blank stock. Learn more about our custom tax form solutions here.

    • Promotions: These self-mailers most often utilize the 8 ½” x 11” Z, C-folds and V-folds, or the 8-1/2” x 14” Z-fold, uneven Z-fold or custom folds.

    • Other: No worries. If you don’t find the fold and dimensions you need in existing stock, custom pressure seal forms are also a fairly straightforward option.

    What Sizes and Form Formats Can Your Machine Process?

    Form Dimensions
    Different pressure seal machines have different printing capacities. Low-volume desktop models, for example, may not be able to process forms larger than 14”, while high-volume floor models can process forms up to 25” long. Knowing the specs of your machine will save you a lot of time by letting you eliminate any form sizes that won’t work with your existing equipment.

    Form Fold Types
    Similarly, different pressure seal machines will have different folding abilities. The Formax FD 2006IL, for example, caters to processing highly confidential documents that require a closed path from a connected printer through the folder/sealers. Because of this, only Z-fold, C-fold, V-fold and some custom fold types will work. Knowing the types of folds your machine is capable of processing is essential to the design and planning phase, too.

    Do You Have a Simplex (One-Sided) or Duplex (Two-Sided) Printer?

    Simplex Printer
    If you’re using simplex printing, your form options are slightly more limited than those with duplex printing capabilities. Still, there are dozens of choices and solutions to accommodate your needs. Here are some considerations for choosing a pressure seal form for a simplex printer:

    In the popular 8 ½” x 11” Z-fold format, simplex printing means you will lose one panel to the address that will appear on the flap. If you need to add additional information to your form, consider using a C-fold format with a window.

    Duplex Printer
    The C-fold and V-fold are designed to be duplex printed so that you have the full face available for your messaging, whether it’s an invoice or statement, a newsletter, or a general information sheet. Here are some considerations for choosing a form for a duplex printer:

    The non-window C-fold format will place your detail on the two panels above your check, allowing you to maximize the messaging real estate. If you need even more room, the 14” lengths in Z-folds and uneven Z-folds are common stock check forms with a good amount of useable space.

    Can You Use Off-the-Shelf Pressure Seal Forms or Should You Order a Custom Solution?

    Stock Pressure Seal Forms
    For most applications utilizing an 11” or 14” format, your company can purchase pressure seal forms off the shelf, including stock one-way and two-way self-mailers. But if you prefer to do it yourself, you can also purchase blank all purpose stock in the 11” length in the traditional Z-fold, C-fold and V-fold.

    Custom Pressure Seal Forms
    But for those pieces that need to have your specific stamp on them, discuss a custom pressure seal solution with one of our knowledgeable consultants. Need extra perfs or a specific design for your workflow requirements? What about incorporating your corporate brand or using full color front and back?

    It can be done. You’ll be surprised at how easily your custom form needs can be met. Interested in learning more about what's possible in pressure seal form customization? We thought you might be! Just click here to get in touch with RELYCO's experienced team.

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