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How to Improve Survey Response Rates: A Pressure Seal Case Study

Response Rate Pressure Seal Case Study Pressure seal self-mailers have obvious cost-saving benefits over traditional envelope-style direct mail. But the ROI of switching to a pressure seal solution can go deeper than dollars saved on equipment and production.

This case study describes how switching to a Relyco pressure seal solution helped one global healthcare company improve response rates on customer-polling surveys.

Pressure Seal Case Study: Cognizant

Cognizant provides IT and process outsourcing services to businesses around the globe. With their acquisition of MarketRx, Inc., a leading provider of life sciences-related analytics and software services, Cognizant needed an easy way to survey physicians on various topics in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices segments.

The survey process began with a written invitation sent to physicians at their offices or home addresses. But when survey response rates began to decline, the team at MarketRx/Cognizant grew concerned that quality of the invitations they mailed to physicians stopped them from participating in the surveys.

Higher Quality Self-Mailers = Better ROI

Cognizant soon validated their hunch when they switched out the type of paper they used in their surveys and saw response rates jump back to normal.

“We had become very dissatisfied with the paper provided by our previous vendor,” explained Keiron Guishcard, senior analyst at MarketRx/Cognizant. “The pressure seal paper Relyco provided for our invitations was of far better quality and, surprisingly, was even more cost effective. When we distributed invitations using Relyco paper, our response rate returned to expected levels and we were able to realize a greater return on investment.”

The success of this strategy is due in part to the high quality of Relyco's ULTRASEAL® pressure seal forms, and in part to the official look and feel of pressure seal forms in general; which encourage increased open rates. But perhaps the most important lesson from Cognizant's case study is that your paper stock can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of direct-mail surveys.

ULTRASEAL offers a more cost-effective and time-saving solution to traditional envelopes or other types of mailers. For additional information on pressure seal forms and equipment, watch this videocontact us or give us a call at 800.777.7359.

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